Independence Day 2019

15th August 1947 when the whole world was sleeping, India created history at the stroke of midnight. It re-wrote its destiny and snatched its independence from the clutches of British rulers. It’s been 73 years since we got our independence and our country, has come a long way in many ways. A lot of progress has been made in the sphere of education, civil amenities, security, science, and technology, etc. We have a nation that has emerged as strong and independent. All the freedom fighters are the reason behind that we breathe in free air today. We have the right of expression and we can express our sentiments on any topic. Independence Day is celebrated on the 15th of August every year to commemorate the sacrifice made by those who fought for our freedom and laid their lives in their pursuit to achieve independence. Every year the current Prime Minister of our country hoist the flag at the Red Fort in Delhi which followed by the 21 guns firing, Indian army parade, march past, National Anthem recitation, speech, and other cultural activities. It’s of paramount importance to celebrate our independence day as it reminds us that the freedom we have today has come for a price and it’s important for us to acquaint our next generation about the struggles and fights our forefathers did to bring India where it is today, rising, flourishing and progressing. This day is not only celebrated at Red Fort but it’s celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm. Various events are organized in the wake of Independence by schools, colleges, offices, and residential societies to celebrate this day. People hoist the national flag, organize debate competitions, fancy dress competitions, kite flying completion and distribute sweets to exhibit their gratitude and happiness.

On this day, the Indian Independent Act was passed by the Parliament of Britain and transferred all the legislative powers to the Indian Constitution Assembly, which was made to write the Indian constitution. Since then 15th August has become a national festival.

The day symbolizes freedom and independence in true sense and colors. On this day every Indian must realize their duty of contributing to the nation’s progress by keeping clean, following rules, and respecting its property. An independence celebration is incomplete if we as a citizen of India do not take a pledge to keep the good work going and bring prosperity to our nation and follow it. The same values should be inculcated in the younger generation so that they follow the lead and take the nation to newer heights. For this, it’s very important to set the examples by the elders by obeying the rules and exercising the rights responsibly giving or prescribed by the Constitution of India.

Independence Day is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm throughout the nation. People from every community, culture, state, or age come forward to celebrate this national festival and remember the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters. India got its freedom when millions of people laid their lives and India can only maintain its freedom when we understand our responsibilities towards our nation.