About AMICI Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

What We Are

The story behind us

AMICI Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded on 8th November 2013, the thought behind our organization is of being a confidant to our clients, the same that of our founder friends were to each other. This company is an initiation of two friends that decided to get into business together. Now, we are a bunch of professionals that have made our way to the work we love and choose to walk on the same berm that ushers us to our reveries.

The idea behind our growth

We love what we do and that is the only thing we care about. We believe in working with paroxysm, incantation and nourishment. Clarity of aims and dynamic goals keeps us running in the rat race to make our work stand out from others.

  • Our business goals are distinct & we prefer being loud about them.
  • We have expertise in the creation and modification of websites.
  • We dispose of services according to the need of our clients.


Our Vision & Mission

We try to create an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding our clients to give them what they fancy.

We believe in making reveries come to life and being as creative as possible for the same. We do not only focus on the wants of our clients but we also anchor on what our client needs. It is our duty to be successful about the expectations of our clients from us. We provide assistance as a comrade and look forward to mutual benefit.

Vision and Mission



Our Culture

We create to let our clients depend on us for a logical and magnificent experience.

We at AMICI try to work in the most personal way possible, it is best to be close and compact as a team to work satisfactorily. Our organization concludes to stay away from work politics and live like a family and build trust and responsiveness towards our work.

Our team is always curious about new technologies. We are always eager to learn new things because we believe, there might not be a good day but there is always something good in each day. So never stop learning.

Our analytical ability provides us with the capability to apply logical thinking to deal with any kind of complex situation and provide the best services.

The adaptive behaviour of our team members makes us more versatile in our professionalism, conceptual, social and practical skills.

Everyone has unique qualities and if each member of the team offers his unique perspective, then we can come up with the best solution because we believe great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team.



Meet The Team

We are a bunch of creative professionals who believe in working towards the fulfilment of our dreams.

Our Team is choked up with unorthodox professionals who wish to catch dreams and get on paddling the excessive transparency of creation along with hard work. We try to carry forward the culture of commonality to build or extend exceptional work relationships for keeping the aura of the organization bright.

Meet the Team


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