Christmas – The Festival of Love And Peace

Christmas 2023

Cookies, cakes, and Carols mean Christmas is nearing. Christmas is an annual festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December every year. It is celebrated with enthusiasm across the globe in the winter season. Christmas is a traditional and cultural festival for Christians, but good vibes have spread worldwide, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and race.

Thus, it brings people closer and imbibes unity, brotherhood, and equality. Overall it is a festival of sharing well-being, blessings, and wishes. It is the day to share our things with people who are not so fortunate.

Celebration and Greetings

People put Christmas trees inside their houses. They cling stars, bells, bulbs, and candies to the trees. Moreover, they place a cradle outside, showing Mother Mary holding little Jesus. People exchange gifts, chocolates, and greeting cards with each other. Mothers bake delicious cakes and ginger cookies for their little ones.

Little children eagerly wait for the auspicious day. It is a festival of fun, excitement, and delight. There’s a belief that Santa Claus, with a white beard, dressed in red and white, and a bag full of gifts, arrives on his sled on Christmas Eve and distributes sweets and presents among little children.

Kids sing carol songs knocking at the doors in the neighborhood. Elders bless them and offer sweets and cakes.

The preparation for Christmas begins before it starts. Children with their parents visit churches, do prayers, sing songs of happiness, and attend special programs.

Everyone prays to god for healthy and prosperous living. People dress in new colorful clothes and enjoy the holiday wandering through the streets, watching performers, and enjoying a hearty feast.

Importance of Christmas

Importance of Christmas

The day is the birth anniversary of the son of God, Jesus.

On the other side, this day affirms the start of the summer solstice as the days grow longer gradually. Thus, it is the end of the worst or darkest winter months and the commencement of brightness.

However, there are many arguments connected to the mid-winter celebration. The day is not the original date of Christ’s birth, as there are no records of that time.

Plus, It is said that the Roman emperor Constantine first celebrated the day in 336 AD. Later, Pope Julius 1 officially announced the day to be celebrated as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.

Enjoying the Day

Jesus sacrificed his life for his people. He took the sins on himself and forgave the sinners. His birthday symbolizes truth, sacrifice, dignity, and peace. We celebrate this day by remembering his teachings and learning to put aside selfishness and pride.

Let us bring home benevolence, calmness, and gratitude. Our children will follow in our footsteps and turn into great human beings in the future. I hope you all enjoy the day with your loved ones safely and peacefully, removing all the darkness from the inside. AMICI wishes you a healthy and prosperous Christmas us Christmas.