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What are the types of digital marketing services we offer?

Here at AMICI, we are offering multiple services under one umbrella. Whatever you need in the digital marketing arena, we have the answer. We are a pioneer Digital Marketing Company in India, delivering the best to our customers. 

Digital marketing services have two main categories: SEO and SMO. But it can be categorized further:

  • SEO: If you want organic growth for your website, then search engine optimization or SEO is the answer. According to the analysis, more than 90% of traffic comes from the first page of Google. Therefore, a website needs to rank on the first page itself. Using the right keywords and optimized content, we help your website reach the top.
  • Pay-Per-Click – It is a viable mode of marketing where the user only needs to pay for the actual clicks on the ads. Moreover, it helps in organic growth and delivers the desired results, as the leads generated from this method are mainly interested buyers. This PPC model works well for region-based campaigns. As a Digital marketing company in Delhi, our experts use this for various Delhi-based campaigns.
  • SMM – Social media marketing is the most preferred method of marketing today. As it is a famous platform among users. No one has remained untouched by the hype of social media. Therefore, it has become a favorite of marketers for its humongous reach. Our experts also capitalize on that and provide viral marketing solutions to our clients.
  • Email marketing: If used effectively, email marketing is a reliable method to gain new customers. Offering a newsletter and updating subscriptions for the user creates a loyal customer base. As the best Digital Marketing Company in India, we design automated emails for clients, which helps in efficient lead generation.
  • Mobile Marketing: As per a recent survey, more than 40% of users spend an average of 4 to 6 hours on their mobile, and more than 20% spend 2 to 3 hours daily. Consequently, mobile marketing is a phenomenon to stay here. E-commerce apps are mushrooming at an ample rate due to increasing mobile usage. As a leading Digital Marketing Company in India, we cover a wide consumer base. 
  • Content Marketing: Daily users consume tons of content. Whether in video or written format, a consumer is engulfed by it. Therefore, it is a significant factor in marketing. We deliver optimized content according to the needs of the client.
  • Marketing Analysis: As the Best SEO service provider among our competitors. We pay attention to minute details. Digital marketing has advantages, as it equips marketers with techniques to track their campaigns. Moreover, our experts make it easy as they follow the growth of your ads and deliver reports on your advertisement drives.
  • Affiliate marketing – This type of marketing is on the rise. Because social media is gaining popularity, many organizations tap into the follower base of influencers by appointing them for their affiliate programs. 

Why should you choose AMICI as your digital marketing agency in Delhi?

If you are looking for the best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi then you have landed in the right place. We have maintained a track record of assisting with all your digital marketing queries.

  • Broad Spectrum: Not only in the capital, but we also have a nationwide presence. Which will help you reach a broader range of consumers. As a Digital Marketing Company in India, we understand the needs of our New-Age nation. Moreover, our experts keep in mind to cater to the needs of the diverse cultures of this country.
  • Return on Investment: Our team ensures to focus on quality. For instance, experts focus on the targets in long and short term. So that our clients have optimum development in their businesses. We value criticism and reviews. There is a constant drive to implement improved techniques to stay ahead in the game. 
  • Lead Generation: We use non-intrusive methods for organic growth in web traffic. As a result, the organization generates leads that are effective and converted into buyers in the near future. Meanwhile, as a Digital marketing company in Delhi, we use the PPC model, mobile marketing, and marketing analytics experts to generate successful leads.
  • Industry Experts: We have hired experts from the digital marketing field who have been part of it since its inception. Their valuable inputs help out in delivering the services apt for digital trade.  As a result, we are considered one the Best SEO service provider in the industry.

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