Seven (7) Best Ways to Enliven the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is around the corner and its spirit has started engulfing people of all age groups. As far as celebrations are concerned, this festival has various celebration modes, religious being the most admired. Here we have listed certain tips to ensure that you celebrate this festival following the age-old rituals and ceremonies to pass on the magic of Christmas Carol and Santa Tales to the forthcoming generations.

  • Preach the Reason of Christmas Celebration: One can do detailed research on Christmas facts that aren’t widely known. Study Bible and chapters aloud to the whole family during special times of gatherings during holidays. Also, it might help everyone to comprehend and perceive these stories from their own perspective and give their personal options on the relative understanding. Also, you can tell stories about Christmas to the children spicing them with beautiful illustrations and Bible stories to bind their interest. There are many religious stores that feature Tree of Jesse to add that spiritual mood to the celebration. These activities include cutting out Christmas cookies in the shape of angels, camels, stars, and crosses.
  • Decoration of Christmas Tree: Apart from lights, candies, and glitters, you can incorporate religious ornaments to the tree. As a suggestive theme, you can add Christmas items and scenery to the tree. One can opt for a plain teddy bear instead of a Santa Bear to enhance the beauty of flower arrangements.
  • Think Over Some activities and Food for Poor and Needy: Some activities that can be planned include preparing some special foods for the needy. You can also visit people who are deprived of basic necessities and feel neglected among the sheer lights, decorations, and celebrations. Meeting those who are sick in the hospital, would love to receive handmade gifts on this occasion. Follow this theme of ‘giving to others.
  • Be Thankful: Spend some time in peace and express gratitude to Jesus for creating such a beautiful world. Christmas is a day to celebrate the best gift that mankind has ever received.
  • Invite Angels and Elves: Kids will love this idea! It is possibly the best way of inviting their participation for creating a nativity scene. It is the best way to set up a North Pole, installing characters like angels, along with Santa on a reindeer in your front yard.
  • Make Santa Believable: Tell your kids who Santa was and why and how will he come to your house. Guide them on leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Be their secret Santa, answer their notes when they doze off, and leave a gift for them.
  • Encourage the Children to Hang Stockings by the Hearth. This is an important Christmas tradition and children must be encouraged to follow this. What you can do is untie their socks and leave them at the foot of their bed. In the morning, these can be opened as stocking gifts to surprise them.

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