National Farmer’s Day – Celebrating the Birth of Chaudhary Charan Singh

National Farmers’ Day, previously known as Old Farmers’ Day is celebrated every year across the country on 23rd December, Birthday of Indian farmer’s leader late Chaudhary Charan Singh. Like many other days, celebration of this day is also driven by a number of motives which include spreading awareness and extending help to the farmers.

This day brings all the farmers into the limelight and compels people all over the country to give a deep thought on how difficult life these farmers lead. In short, it aims at giving them a sincere tribute by expressing gratefulness for their hard work to grow the crops and feed the entire country. But above all, what strikes the mind is the fact that they remain backward and wretched and struggle to make both ends meet.


This day conveys seriousness of their profession and spreads awareness regarding the fact that farmers should be promoted to pursue better options in Education and Healthcare. Taking this thought forward, the first thing society aims to do is to elevate their living conditions. The most challenging and dependable part of their job is rain-fed agriculture, which if turns unfortunate can result in serious harm to the economy. The agriculture authorities take vows of improving and uplifting the farming techniques. Promises are made to educate the farmers about improved and modern systems of farming.

Key observance of Farmer’s Day is directed towards assessing the importance of their role and their undeniable contribution to the social and economic development of this country. Discussions are held and strategies are framed to render help in training them to pursue scientific farming, ensure loan clearances, storage, and display of their produce for decent earning.

Agricultural Department is actively engaged in ensuring that these farmers get a fair price for their produce but that’s not enough. Every citizen of this country must give his/her share of contribution and help in improving their status to favor their betterment. In this lieu, Farmer’s co-operative movement was started which has now gained momentum in various developed states.

The National Farmers Day also honors the gallant Fishers. Their position in this socio-economic environment is reiterated and they are addressed with respect for their untiring efforts to feed the growing population, essential role to supply raw materials to various industries, and contribution in increasing nation’s foreign exchange earnings. On this day, the key highlight is to reward those farmers who have delivered an indispensable contribution to society by following best farming practices and delivered notable outputs. Apart from this, some key activities include:

  • A National Farmers Forum is held wherein Award Winners interact with policymakers and experts and give their views on technological advances being introduced in the Agricultural Sector
  • The Ministry also promises availability of either easy credit, raw material for production or to help in processing the produce to bring down the post-harvest losses.

About the Author: Nancy Irwin, the author, would like to thank all the farmers and wish them a prosperous National Kisan Diwas.