WordPress Interview Questions That can Ask in 2021

Before jumping into the interview questions of WordPress it is important to know what exactly WordPress is all about. Have you ever thought about creating your own website, blog page, or any kind of e-commerce website, then WordPress is a great option for you! WordPress is considered best because it is the most popular and flexible website creator and that lets you develop pretty much any type of website. You don’t have to be a web developer professional to use WordPress, you can easily modify your website just by using free themes and plugins in WordPress. Presently, there are more than 50,000 free WordPress plugins and around 5000 themes in WordPress. The most interesting thing about WordPress is that it is free of cost open-source software.

This application was launched in 2003 under the GNU Public License, which means it is free to download and free to use. Almost more than 40% of all internet websites use WordPress and its popularity continues to grow. Initially, it was just a simple blog platform that soon developed into a feature-rich CMS(content management system). CMS is software that is used to manage and modify digital content. WordPress is a CMS written in PHP language that uses a MySQL database.  

WordPress Interview Questions [2021]

If you are a fresher who is looking for an internship or a job specifically for a Web Developer then knowing about WordPress is important. So, if you are looking for what all questions can interviewer ask on WordPress in 2021 then you have come to the right place because we have prepared a list of WordPress Interview Questions that can be asked in 2021 are:

  • Why WordPress is used by more than 19% of the top million websites? 

Perhaps, the most well-known confusion about WordPress is that it is only publishing content to a blog stage. While WordPress began as writing for a blog instrument, it has advanced over time into an incredible web designer and a hearty substance, the board framework (CMS). … That is the principal motivation behind why WordPress is used by more than 19% of the top million websites and is the most popular website. 

  • What are its unique features?
  1. Full Standards Compliance 
  2. Straightforwardness Theme System 
  3. Stretch out with Plugins 
  4. Implicit Comments 
  5. Web crawler Optimized and Multilingual 
  6. Open Source
  • What are the benefits of WordPress as a website platform?
  1. Simple to utilize – If you can be used as a word handling programming like Microsoft Word, you can utilize WordPress to construct and deal with a site.
  2. Security – No website can be 100% secure but WordPress continues to provide a top-quality security service.
  3. Free to use – Anybody can download and install WordPress on their computer available on WordPress.org. You just have to pay for the web hosting.
  • How to install WordPress on the system?
  1. Download and unfasten the most recent WordPress from its authority site. 
  2. Make a data set for WordPress 
  3. Discover and rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php, at that point add your data set data. 
  4. Transfer the WordPress documents on your web worker 
  5. Run the URL in the program 
  6. Set the essential data like site title, username, and password after that, you can utilize this.
  • How to get a WordPress website URL? 

get_site_url( int $blog_id = null, string $path = ”, string $scheme = null )

This order is helpful to recover URLs for a given site with WP application records accessible. 

echo get_site_url();

  • The use of importers in WordPress

An importer is a tool that is used to migrate the content from an existing WordPress website to another website. This tool is used to move a website from localhost to an online hosted server. Using WordPress Importer, you can migrate different data like-

Classes, labels, and different terms from custom scientific categorizations area, new posts, pages, or other specially made post sorts, remarks in posts, custom fields and post metadata, etc. 

  • What are the template tags in WordPress?

A template tag is used as a PHP function which is used to generate and display dynamic information. WordPress contains more than 5000 themes that contain varieties of templates and use these template tags to display dynamic data. 

The list of WP template tags –

  1. get_header()
  2. get_the_author()
  3. get_bookmarks()
  4. wp_register()
  5. wp_enqueue_script()
  6. category_description()
  7. wp_title()
  • What are the limitations of WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS, not a framework, you can use WordPress as a CMS or managing a blog system because then there is no other best option than WordPress. If you want to develop a customized system then you have to use a framework. 

Below are some of the limitations:

  1. WordPress and Plugins need regular updates 
  2. It is not so SEO friendly
  3. It tends to be costly
  4. Difficult in data migration with different CMS or Frameworks.    

Conclusion – 

So, we hope the above WordPress interview questions will help you in some way as these questions are the most frequently asked questions. WordPress is the most popular and easiest to use; that is why most web developers still trust and rely on WordPress. Though there are multiple free themes and plugins in WordPress, that does not mean that is the best solution. So, you have to choose wisely the right platform for your new website. 

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