National Creativity Day – Celebrate the Imaginative Spirits!!

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” Creativity lets you explore your imagination and create your own world. It is our creative side that allows us to live our life to the fullest. This word is not limited to artists, singers, writers, dancers, etc. Creativity can be shown even in the smallest things, from making a small paper airplane to creating an actual airplane. If we look around us we can see how even the smallest things in our surroundings include human and natural creativity. 

Creativity is not only limited to only humans but this power is also given to each living or non-living thing on this planet. Have you ever noticed a bird knitting its nest? Isn’t that creativity? Creativity helps this earth to grow as a whole. If somebody says that he/she is not creative, that person is lying, creativity is included even in how you speak. Every single person on this planet has a creative spark; they just need to explore that part. And that is why this day is invented to encourage people to use their creative side to explore themselves and use their creativity to make this world a better or interesting place to live. 

When is it Celebrated?

This day is celebrated on the 30th of May every year. In the year 2021, it’s a weekend/ Sunday on 30th May. So on this Sunday, let your inner creativity shine. According to various theories, it has been said that the human brain is divided into two parts; the left side of the brain is more analytical and logical and the other part of the right side is more creative and artistic. The right side of the brain is connected to imagination, thinking, daydreaming, intuitions, and a less organized way of thinking. 

The day was founded by the film producer and the president of ScreenwritingU, Hal Croasmun invented National Creativity day in order to celebrate the imaginative spirits in humans all over the world and encourage them to keep creating it.

The Word “Creativity” 

The word creativity and it’s meaning have changed over the years. Some people believe that creativity started at the beginning of the paleolithic ages when humans were merely nomads and developed tools for hunting. Some think that it was invented in ancient Egypt, Mexico, Asia where the pyramid style, geometry, astronomy took birth. Earlier, in the time of Greeks creativity was not independent and used to follow certain rules but later the definition of creativity was changed and became independent and no longer associated with the term “art”. 

The greatest period of creativity was observed in the period of Renaissance in which everyone was allowed to express themselves and creativity was allowed in every aspect of life including politics, economy, society, art, theory, philosophy, education, science, etc.

How to Celebrate?

Now, we are aware of some of the basic facts of creativity day. There are many people who are confused about how to celebrate creativity day at home during these lockdown times. 

No worries, we have brought some interesting ideas for you to keep yourself in a creative mood:

  • Be creative – It’s a Sunday and most of you are on a break, so let’s focus on things in which you are interested or things that make you happy but do it in a different way today. Do more experiments with whatever you are doing, and do it in your style. 
  • Support creativity – The best way to celebrate this day is by praising the art, or talent around you. Encourage your loved ones to follow their dreams. Support your friend’s creative ideas or talent by promoting/ sharing them on your social media. It can really motivate them and help them to bring more creative ideas. 
  • Learn more about creative skills – Either you are a student, or a parent, or a working person, creativity is a thing that is necessary for every aspect of life. Thus, focus and work on yourself and learn new skills that help to grow your personality.

How to Become More Creative?

If you feel that you lack imagination or you don’t have any creativity then don’t worry because each and every person on this planet possesses some or the other kind of creativity in them. They just need the practice to become more original and a little more creative. Creativity is a skill that can be practiced by solving life’s problems and discovering life opportunities. Here are the steps that can help you to bring out your creative side – 

  • Pose the correct inquiry 
  • Become a specialist 
  • Be open and mindful 
  • Play and imagine 
  • Create loads of thoughts 
  • Breaker thoughts 
  • Pick the best thought 
  • Create something out of your extraordinary thought

Conclusion – 

An idea that originally was brought into the world by you! You have the power to create something new which was not available before. The way that our imaginative musings come to fruition and can be seen by the world gives us chills of excitement! So, never let your creative side die, keep digging into it until you make something good out of it. 

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