This Doctors Day Seek the Prescription of Happiness Along with Health

The whole Nation will be celebrating National Doctor’s Day 2018 with utmost cheer and gratitude on 1st July 2018. In India, the doctors have been honored with the status of living gods who are here with us to protect and cure every single second. This day is celebrated as a wide awareness event executing splendid opportunities for everyone to understand the role, responsibilities, and importance of the doctors in life as well as encourage the medical professionals to initiate a step closer and pursue their duties very keenly.

History of Doctors Day

The government of India established the National Doctors Day in 1991 and it is been celebrated on 1st of July. This day is celebrated on July 1 because the most renowned Indian physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was born on this date and he also shares his death anniversary on this day as well. He was esteemed by the most honored Indian Civilian Award – Bharat Ratna in the year 1961. He also joined the Civil Disobedience Movement with Mahatma Gandhi. He executed 80 years of selfless medical service to mankind. The day is celebrated to accentuate the value and importance of doctors.

Celebration of the National Doctors Day

  • It is more of a day to celebrate and spread awareness among people regarding the duties and responsibilities of a doctor and apprehending their work for the welfare of people in this society.
  • It is excellent compliance in India that supports accomplishing the real necessity of the doctors and physicians in the lives of everyone.
  • The yearly celebration of this particular cognizance push helps the general public to be aware about the roles, significance, and valuable care of the doctors.
  • Various events take place around the Nation to represent and honor selfless doctors.

National Doctors Day 1st July 2018

Importance of Doctors

  • Large proportion of the overall population of India seeks medical advice in numerous situations.
  • There are many ways that prove that people are dependent on physicians to recover and regain physical, mental health.
  • There are several quality treatments which represent impressive improvements and growth in the cure and treatment methods.
  • The annual celebration of the National Doctors Day has been validated as a path of motivation and a big eye-opener for all those doctors who are facing downfall in their career because of lack of commitment towards their duties and responsibilities.


The contribution of doctors in our life can never be denied or overlooked at any cost. The National Doctors Day celebration reminds us to thank the doctors who made the hardest efforts to cure and save the life of their ill patients. This particular day is dedicated to the entire medical profession who performs their duty with ultimate honesty and reliability. They never compromise with the health of their patient. They initiate tremendous efforts to make the patients recover as soon as possible. It is a day to appreciate their hard work and efforts made for the improvement of mankind in the terms of health and wellbeing.

On this National Doctors Day let’s thank our doctors for making our lives healthy. It is our duty to be attentive towards our personal hygiene and to maintain hearty well-being in order to stay healthy.

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