Social Networking Sites – The Prime Cause of Rising Depression Level in Teenage Girls

Teenagers are picking up the latest social media platforms at a quite swift pace. All of us will agree to the fact that being a teenager is not at all an easy phase of life. There is a lot of peer pressure to become perfect and famous on these social media platforms, more the followers more the popularity. This particular mentality is destroying the lives of teenagers. The latest study reveals that teenagers are more depressed and think over committing suicide. There was a time in the past when the students set them free from all the worries after the final bell rang in school but the thing which is prevailing nowadays is completely horrible. Teenagers are gripped in the fists of technology and social media. They are now burdened under the pressure of being up to date with the latest technology trends. According to a study the more time a teenager dispenses on mobile or tablet, the more they are prone to lower self-confidence and a higher rate of depression. This study particularly indicates about the teenage girls.

Yes, a new study suggests that teenage girls are likely to be more depressed and vulnerable because of excessive usage of technology and social networking sites as compared to boys. According to an unknown source, there was a study conducted in US which states that about 11,000 girls agreed of using mobile and other technology for more than eight hours a day, these girls are nearly five times more sad and depressed. These teenage girls do not like to indulge in outdoor and extra-curricular activities. The study also reveals that these girls are facing quite a low self-confidence, their self-confidence declined by 25 percent from 86 to 60 percent during the years of middle school. Some of the attributions of this depression are considered to be the changes in her body and scraping because of puberty, but the heightened cause of depression is social media and technology remain unchanged. It is been studied that the teenage girls who spend most of the time on social networking sites are more eager to reverse and switch their physical looks as compare to other girls. Social media platforms like Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are easy ways of sharing thoughts and marking personal comments too which is quite not possible in one on one conversations in real. This virtual world can create high misunderstandings and faking the whole personality as well.

As per the studies, the amount of time that teenage girls spend on social networking sites is found to make a direct and negative impact on the friendship and relationships with other girls. According to a report about 86 percent teenage girls feel competition with other girls and classmates by the time they reach high school. The chief reason behind this accelerated percentage is none other than the usage of social media and technology. Fresh research states that more time teenagers like to spend on social media and smartphones the more they will be drowning towards depression, lower self-confidence, anxiety and they will be thinking much about attempting suicides too.

What can Help?

There are several measures that can be helpful in making teenage girls realize the negative impact of social media and technology on their mental health. We all agree that at some point of time social media and technology helps in bridging the gap between distant peers, friends and relatives but to use these platforms excessively will only result in stress and depression. The teenage girls can limit their social media addiction by following ways:

  • Limiting the time of social media and mobile phone usage. This can cut-off the extra time you waste in viewing other people’s profiles and useless web pages.
  • Devoting time to your hobbies will lead to diversion of your mind. It will help in doing something more meaningful and engaging. It will also relax the mind and soul.
  • Spending more time with your family and friends away from smartphones and social media is an excellent way of saying goodbye to social media addiction.
  • Turning off the notifications will help you to concentrate on other important stuff rather than checking your smartphones every minute.

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