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Our expertise lies in providing solutions for online marketing. With our hard work, AMICI has listed itself as a prominent Digital Marketing Agency in India, providing SEO, social media, and google ads services. With our CTA - Call to Action button, you can get a free consultation at your earliest.

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We are one such Digital Marketing Agency in India that caters to all your needs, whether it's about increasing your e-commerce revenue or making custom responsive websites.
Our expertise lies in equipping our clients with online sales leads in Real-Time!
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Our Wide-Ranging
Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization
SEO or search engine optimization is a tool that helps e-commerce businesses reach new potential customers. Optimized usage of keywords, optimizing a website’s technical configuration, ranking of the website, relevance of the content, with the help of writing apt meta titles, and meta descriptions a website grows organically.
Social Media Optimization
Social media optimization is another tool used in the domain of digital marketing. Increasing the availability of one’s firm on social media platforms helps the business grow at a fast pace. For the best SMO services in Dwarka, Our in-house media executives help your business to build a brand on social media.
Web Development
Our Website development service in Delhi assists with all your problems. We help our clients in all aspects of website development whether UI, back end, or full stack development. Our main focus is on giving e-commerce solutions ERP and mobile app development. A good web design attracts potential customers.
Web Designing
We provide Website Designing services in Delhi for various organizations. We custom design the website according to the customer base our client wants to attract. It includes the layout of the website, UI/UX of the website, user friendly with call-to-action buttons. Also, web apps and mobile apps can be included in this.
Content Writing
Attracting the right set of people is not a cakewalk. The content used here should be crisp and to the point. As the user generally doesn’t have much time to read the details. Therefore, it should be communicated professionally and efficiently. We have a team of in-house and freelance writers who work round the clock with us.
Web Hosting
It is a service that allows hosting and managing different files for one or more websites. Website hosting can be used for several applications, such as blogs, websites, virtual stores, etc. Mainly, it’s about the publishing of the website on the internet. Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting are some types of web hosting.

How do we work?
Our roadmap to success

Providing for the custom needs of clients is our top priority. We make sure that minute details are taken into consideration.
Our goal is to provide solutions to clients, and strategies are developed so that we can make tailored content for their digital marketing needs.
Analytical Approach
We have an analytical approach so that we can analyze the client's demands and the current market dynamics and equip them accordingly.
Our team members have different backgrounds, each of which has its own USPs. Through our teamwork, we brainstorm and produce different ideas.
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What do we do?
What are our focus points?

Traffic Generation
It is a significant aspect of increasing overall sales in an online business. Through our SEO marketing strategy, we bring traffic to the client’s website which helps in generating leads and bringing potential customers.
We promote emerging ideas, and strategies, and implement them as well. In the last decade, we have helped our clients to build their businesses and improve their online growth by leaps and bounds using digital marketing techniques.
Our team goes all out in their efforts to convert the cold leads into buyers of products and services. We retarget the audience left behind by bringing something new to the table with the help of our SEO experts.
All things go in vain if prospective leads are not converted into current or future buyers. Our team keeps this in mind and assists our clients in successfully converting the leads into customers with our social media and google ads campaigns.

With so many options available, Why choose us?

There are a lot of options available for online marketing services domain. Then why us? It is difficult to find the proper assistance for all digital marketing problems. Our quality analysts team finds the best solutions to assist our clients in building their brand image. Personalized attention is given to each project.

That results in guaranteed results and on-time delivery for all our services. We maintain 100% transparency in our work policy so that we can build trust with the clients.

Which business model
have we worked on?

Digital Marketing is an emerging field. Its main benefit is that it works for both B2C and B2B models. We also work like this where a wide range of services is catered to our clients. Not only that, our motto is to provide affordable digital marketing services to customers. From web development, Web hosting, and web designing to content writing, and social media marketing, we have experts working in our team who works for our customers’ needs around the clock without fail.

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What do people praise about Amici

Sonu Bhardwaj
“Absolutely happy working with you guys!!! I always wanted to work the way I am working now. With a kid around its gets difficult to go for full time job and AMICI has provided a way around that.”
Monica Blews
“I have been working with AMICI Global Solutions as a Subject Matter Expert. I have had an excellent professional journey with them. They are very helpful and encouraging.”
Sumit Kumar
“There is no investment to be done to start this freelance work. I learnt a lot of things. This was actually a refresher for me. I was able to gain more knowledge of the subjects.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a wide range of services from Digital Marketing, Content Writing to Web designing, and web development. We cater to the different needs of our clients. We provide solutions using SEO and SMO as our tools.

As we provide customized services, therefore, we charge for services accordingly. We have a secure mode of payment i.e. PayPal. For more detailed information, you can reach us through WhatsApp or E-mail.

Yes, we do provide consultation services to our customers. We have a team comprising experienced professionals who have worked in different fields. With their expertise, our clients have taken their business to the next level. Not only that we offer affordable digital marketing services to clients as we provide discounted prices to our customers.

In this new era staying digital is a need. We assist companies to help them go digital without facing any difficulties. Your company will notice drastic changes in its customer base. Your reach will increase and help you to find potential buyers.

A strong digital marketing company has in-depth knowledge of the digital arena. They know how to use various tools like SEO, SMO, and ERP, to help websites grow organically. Now, the question arises that how would you recognize them. You can check their testimonials and reviews to make sure that they have a satisfied client base.

We are available to freelance hiring with on-demand extra services, including WordPress site design/ redesign, WordPress installation, all-in-one customization, video production, video editing and stop motion video producing.