Mango Lovers, Embrace Yourself for the International Mango Festival 2018

A cheerful shout out to all the mango lovers right there. It’s time to stop drooling and join the juiciest International Mango Festival. It is touted to be the greatest fruit festival in India. This beloved summer fruit is the only leisure we can look up to in this fiery scorching heat. Mango is without a doubt the best thing tendered by the summer season. This festival is organized by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation every year. This International festival exhibits more than 500 different varieties of mango which includes Alphonso, Chausa, Dasehri, Langda, Bombay Green Mango, Fasli, and many more.

Chronicles Related to the International Mango Festival

The initiation of this luscious festival was laid in the year 1988. It was started earlier in order to serve an opportunity to the agricultural and food processing industries to display their products. The chief motive to promote and encourage this particular is to focus on the inland mango industry and exporters to grow. Despite the small-scale initiation of this festival it managed to pull a lot of crowds. It started pilling huge jam mainly in Delhi.

Main Attractions of this Festival

Mango is known to be the king of fruits hence the celebrations and attractions related to this festival are also majestic and king size. The International mango festival is a unique concept in itself. A variety of traditional mangoes are displayed and offered to the visitors. The festival lets you relish the juicy and delicious fruit with numerous entertaining activities like mango eating competitions, different dishes made by mango flavor, quizzes, magic shows, and cultural shows, etc. You’ll be amazed and overwhelmed by how different each of them tastes. Visitors can also purchase any variety of mangoes and even the products made with blending the mango flavor. In The International Mango Festival, the organizer also arrays numerous sales counter of the processed mango affairs and items such as mango juice, jam, jelly, chutney, pickles, papad, mango pulp, mango quiz, etc.

International Mano Festival 2018

Though, the location and venue of the mango festival varies quite often. At times this festival tends to be celebrated at Talkatora stadium sometimes at Dilli Haat or Pragati Maidan. This International Mango festival is generally celebrated in July every year however the date changes each year. The Internal Mango Festival 2018 will be held in Dilli Haat, Janakpuri.

Why Mango Deserves to be the King of Fruits

No doubt they are the most popular fruit around the globe. It is considered to be the most loved tropical fruit. There are several reasons why this fruit totally wins the race in being the best. This fruit has so much good to offer you such as:

  • Mangoes are naturally sweet and squashy that can help you satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.
  • Mango is considered to be a powerful nutrition punch as it contains over 20 vitamins and minerals to serve you good health as well.
  • It also helps in improving the digestion system.
  • Mangoes are beneficial for healthy skin.
  • The source of Vitamin A in mangoes is proven beneficial for healthy eyes too.

So we can say that it is a blend of health, wellness, and taste. Get up and participate in this summer fiesta this season.