Difference Between Social Media Optimization and Internet Marketing

My friend ventured into an online teaching business recently and informed me to check the courses and see if anything would suit my interests. I did check his demo videos and felt it was great. Post this I called him to inform him that I liked it and wanted to join a few of the sessions. As a shared interest we both help each other in our ventures. He informed me that he was upset as he was not getting the requisite traffic. REQUISITE TRAFFIC- I was startled and reheard, this time with a lot of attention. Yes, he did say traffic and Yes I heard it right too.

I am Baptized

Later when I introspected on our conversation I was baptized into a whole new world of web traffic, website online marketing, website ranking, getting tweets, likes, and other social signals used to increase the ranking of the website. Certainly, there is a whole new way of marketing for awareness and exposure of our services and products. Subsequently, this would increase the subscriptions and views, ultimately increasing the popularity and thus enhancing the business. This process of assisting a website increase its awareness to the public by way of social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Search Engines, Viber, and YouTube is known as “Social Media Optimization” shortly known as SMO. Regardless of the industry, social media accommodates everyone.

Internet Marketing on the other hand is fast picking its importance. From small shops timings to big shopping mall’s map, you name it and internet has it. Internet marketing is gaining popularity amongst all nations. Though developing nations are still in the process of technological liberation, internet has proved to be a strong medium of communication. It stands not only for commercial marketing but has paved a way for addressing social issues to a large section of people. With its reach to nook & corner of the world, internet marketing by means of websites, search engines has succeeded in content marketing, Digital Asset development & promotion, web development & Interactive design, interactive applications, branding, Analytics Analysis, user experience, and in tracing down customer purchase patterns, consumer buying analysis, etc. It has possibly touched every parameter in the realms of marketing/branding a product or a service.

While internet marketing focuses on brand building, SMO tackles the exposure of this branding to the public. Internet marketing enables organizations to feature their products & services while SMO enables organizations to search for consumer patterns, likes, dislikes. While internet marketing promotes a mix of social causes/products/services/organizations/communities, SMO opens a pool of possibilities to understand these advertisements one step ahead to understand public’s opinion in the form of likes, followers, tweets, views, fans, and Plus ones.

Few Fun Facts about Social Media:

  • Social Media is infectious across all verticals of business or services.
  • Social Media is not gendered biased… I am not kidding guys. Anyone can like anything.
  • Social Media is not age critical…You can be anyone –Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunty, Niece, Nephew, Granddad, Grandmom to use & exploit it.
  • Social Media is a common Man’s express entry to stardom.

In totality, Social Media presence thus became like a newborn baby for every organization which is kept alive by means of Internet Marketing and enhanced by means of Social Media Optimization. So, guys next time you get a request to like a page… Have patience, be considerate, act liberal, go the extra mile, and like it. Your one little extra “LIKE” can boast a website or market a product or popularize a budding author’s blog or save an underdeveloped service from extinction.