Tips for Social Media Optimization – 10 Best Tips for SMO

Social media optimization is the creative utilization of social media channels for enhancing the reputation of a product, service, or brand in order to boost the business.

Marketing managers constantly study the importance of social media and work to integrate it with the brand in multiple manners.

Rewarding Participating Users

One essential step to optimizing social media is by rewarding users which actively participate in commenting or responding on the social media page of the website.

This can be done by gifting discount coupons, awarding credits that are redeemable, or rewarding them with a gift hamper.

It not only develops proper optimization by increased activity but ultimately helps in lead generation to the main webpage.

Online Tools

There are multiple tools available which social media managers can employ for proper optimization which include Hootsuite, CircleCount, Topsy, Postific, and Social Mention.

Also, social media can be managed using mobile device applications like HomeBase, Pagemodo, Buffer, and SocialOomph, etc.

Content Submission

Content of your company or website can be submitted to multiple sites in the form of video or PDF files which can enhance the reach of the content and will help in deriving backlinks to the main website.

Social Sharing

Allow the users to share the content through widgets on the website. These widgets can be used for sharing posts on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Registration using Social Media

It is an important strategy to allow users to sign-in to the website through their social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. This not only makes them feel connected to your brand but will also prevent them from lengthy

Registration Process

This will ultimately increase the repeated visit to the sites by registered users which will enhance the sales in case of e-commerce sites or more clicks in a content-based website.

Social Media Commenting

Allowing people to share the comments associated with your brand or content on social networks like Facebook will result in massive growth in traffic. Various online comment services like Disqus, Gigya, and Echo helps
web developers to allow users to comment on social media through their web page.

Implementation of Facebook Likes throughout the website can also prove to be a key to a brand’s success as seen on the websites of multiple clothing and restaurant-based companies.

Social Media Analytics

Like Google analytics, social media analysis is equally important for optimizing the content on social networks. Analytics for Facebook helps in checking the traffic for specific types of posts along with demographics and age group of users. Similarly, helps in boosting and tracking the tweets of your account.

Build a Community

This can be done by active participation in conversations with your end-users. It helps in giving personalized attention to a user which as a result becomes loyal to your brand. Also, a better awareness of your product/service is done effectively.

Fresh Content

Content that drives your main website and SEO strategies also plays a key role in SMO policies. Proving fresh and interesting content to the users helps them to stay connected with your brand in the long run.

Some important tips for social media content include :
•   Posting funny, thoughtful, and inspirational quotes.
•   User polls on the topics connected to your services or brand.
•   Informative tweets help in increasing retweets and favorites on Twitter.
•   Sharing the links of your specific webpage or product using URL shorteners.
•   Posts related to important days, festivals, and days of historical significance should be added at least once a week.

As per various marketing gurus, SMO will overshadow the importance of traditional SEO methods as it is a more active form of lead generation and helps in increasing the search engine rank of a webpage.