Traits of a Good Content Writer | Content Writing Tips

A content writer is someone who puts the raw information, ideas, and opinions into a readable format for internet users.

There are various characteristics of the content writer which position him/her as a skilled professional in the writing field :

Good Hold Over Language

Language, which is the soul of social survival, is also the most essential trait of a good content writer. A skilled content creator uses the proper selection of words, writes grammatical-error-free sentences, and avoids a passive form of writing.

Also, a strong vocabulary helps a writer to create content that is more attractive and descriptive and builds reliability in the minds of the writer.

Good Content is Plagiarism-Free

Plagiarism is the biggest enemy of content developers as it affects their credibility and hampers the experience and work. To avoid plagiarism, good content writers use multiple sources on the internet (or books if available) instead of focusing on a single source. Also, proper paraphrasing is the key to avoid plagiarism where the sentences are re-written with modified words and sentence structure.

There are several online free tools to check content plagiarism on websites including, Copyscape and many more.

There are also several paid online services to keep a check on plagiarism which can be employed by huge web development companies and publishers.

Good Content Knowledge

A good writer not only should have good language command but should also possess a basic knowledge about various topics. It not only helps in developing more informative content but helps in connecting different topics to create better content. If a content writer is a part of technical writing, he/she should have a thorough and competent knowledge of his/her subject.

Also, a good content writer is updated with national and international current affairs through various media like newspapers, magazines, and online news.

SEO Knowledge

Having knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) is another aspect that is inevitable while choosing content writing as a career. So, this can become an important process while choosing a content writer for an industry of freelance work.

A good SEO based writer has multiple traits which include:

  • Proper usage of keywords with suitable synonyms is employed.
  • Keywords are also used suitably in the title/heading.
  • SEO writers creatively insert a required link/URL within the text.
  • He / She is able to provide knowledgeable content in user-friendly language.

Some Tips for Website Owners and Start-ups on Searching for Good Content Writer

  • Use websites like elance and freelancer to locate freelance content writers from around the world.
  • There are several online forums on various websites and social media sites like Facebook where professionals like writers can get connected to employers.
  • Do not hire someone before analyzing his / her writing samples. A test of grammar and writing skills should be conducted especially for full-time writers.
  • Paying attention to the area of interest of writers and portfolio is another important aspect while choosing a writer for a company. Generally, writers with active personal blog and fiction writing skills have better content writing skills.

Content writing in dwarka

Some Important Points which First-Rate Content Writer Employ while Writing Blogs and Articles

  • Proper usage of examples whenever necessary plain informative article may result in the loosening of the reader’s interest.
  • Jargons and scientific terminology is avoided to make sure the content can be consumed universally.
  • The beginning can be written using a question if the article is based on social issues.
  • Also, simple idioms and quotations by popular persons attract the attention of readers.
  • Several statistics and facts immersed within the content give more weightage to an average content.

Last but not the least, a content writing professional delivers the assigned work as per the time allotted by the employer/client.