Another Stepping Stone to Success – 4th Annual Day

The term AMICI has its roots set in the Italian vocabulary. The term means friend or someone who is really close. Following the same plot, AMICI Global Solutions works in harmony with each of its clients as well as the employees. There are no coworkers or competitors in the company; all we have is an assembly of highly talented and passionate professionals who work hard altogether with a single goal of achieving success. AMICI Global Solutions is a team of friends who uplift each other which in turn leads to a smooth and better functioning of the company.


The company was founded on the 8th of November 2013 and ever since then, the AMICI’ans have been obstinate in achieving their goals. The journey of 4 years has been a great learning experience for the people associated with the company. Like most other journeys, this one too had lots of peaks and troughs; each trough taught AMICI’ans to work harder while each peak signified the hard work and inspired to work harder. This way bit by bit and effort by effort the company reached the zenith and is still continuing to rise.

amici 4 yrs

On the 8th of November 2017, the company completed its 4 years of service which called upon for a hefty celebration. The celebrations started off with the cake cutting ceremony followed by the presentation of a memento to the company’s director. A combined lunch for the entire team was arranged in the Jungle Jamboree restaurant which served some deliciously flavorsome food. After lunch, the entire team headed towards the ultimate fun spot Kingdom of Dreams which is situated in Gurgaon. The Kingdom consists of gigantic palaces filled with tons of alluring and picturesque spots which left a mesmerizing impact on every AMICI’ans mind and heart. The Kingdom of Dreams harbors the world’s first cinematic theater; Nautanki Mahal which is one of the preeminent spots in the interiors of the place. It had numerous Bollywood and non-Bollywood style plays, live music events, and a high-tech entertainment filled events.

amici-4 yrs

Culture Gully is yet another very fascinating element of the kingdom consisting of an air-conditioned “indoor street of India” which is spread over 100,000 sq. feet. The culture gully is considered to be the kaleidoscope of India’s cultural diversity which is unique in almost all terms. The entire team of Amici had a fabulous time on the 14 state pavilions that are situated in the Culture Gully. Apart from that, the team enjoyed various cultural activities like the carnival consisting of folk dances of various cultures of India. Culture gully was extremely fun-filled offering restaurants of different cuisines, a mystic center, and some jewelry and another type of shopping stores. The subtle indoor environment of the culture gully was truly incredible and the ambiance left everybody awestruck. The team members witnessed a number of cultural performances.

amici-4 yrs

The day was filled with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness. The entire TEAM celebrated the 4th Annual Day with loads of excitement and craze. We wish many more such years full of success and happiness to AMICI Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.