Bal Divas – The Indian Children’s Day 2017

Children are the most divine creation of God; they are the most innocent, honest, and adorable humans in the entire world. Childhood is considered to be the most cherished phase of life and people even sometimes wish to be a child again. Lucky are those who have children in their vicinity and quite lonely are the ones without any child in their purlieu. Since, childhood and children are one of the qiuntessential elements in mankind; a day is dedicated to their celebration. The children day which is dedicated to the child welfare and celebration of the children, is celebrated in almost all the nooks and corners of the world, though on different dates. Children’s day 2017 is to be celebrated on the 14th of November in India. The day calls on for a number of children’s day celebration, children’s day activities in different areas in the country. More about children’s day is described in the following section of the blog.


The children’s day celebration 2017

History of Children’s Day in India

The children day is an annual event in India and is celebrated on the 14th of November. The children day is actually celebrated as a tribute to the first Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Soon after India’s freedom from British rule and the formation of the constitution of India, country’s first Prime Minister was chosen. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was given the prestige of the first Prime minister of India. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru loved children to a great extent and use to spend a lot of time with them; Children called him Chacha Nehru (Uncle Nehru) all over the world. Hence, his birthday which falls on the 14th of November was attributed as children’s day and is celebrated all over the country. Children’s day was celebrated for the first time in India in the year 1954 and ever since then; the country has been witnessing a number of different children’s day celebrations as well as activities.


Importance of Children’s Day history

About Chacha Nehru

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first-ever prime minister of free India. He was born on the 14th of November in the year 1889. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born and brought up in the beautiful city of Allahabad but did his higher education in Law from England. Nehru returned back to India in the year 1912 as a full-fledged lawyer. He loved children and found them very adorable and therefore, his birth anniversary is celebrated in the country as children’s day. He was given a nickname by all the children of India; Chacha Nehru. Pandit Nehru was the preeminent member of India’s revolt for freedom and worked in really close association with Mahatma Gandhi.


Jawaharlal Nehru Children's Day

A very well-known fact about Chacha Nehru is that he was a very hardworking, sincere, and calm personality. Even during the freedom movement of India, he remained calm and took all the decisions with completely calculative behavior. His love for children as well as students is known to all. Chacha Nehru used to believe that the children are the future of India and use to indulge in a number of child welfare activities. He was a responsible activist, intellectual freedom fighter, the best prime minister, and an outstanding human being. He is still much into talks but only when the children’s day comes around the corner.

Why do we Celebrate Children’s Day?

The entire nation celebrates children’s day with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm on the 14th of November every year. Children’s day celebration includes a number of different types of children’s day activities. Children in schools and colleges are presented with mementos and various children’s day programs such as plays, songs, dance, etc. are also performed in the institutions. Children’s day special assembly takes place in a number of schools including numerous children’s day programs and in the end, the teacher or the head of the institution is asked to speak few lines on children’s day. Sometimes, the teachers are also asked to give some kind of teacher’s day speech for kids. The children’s day entirely includes celebrations and activities. Certain children’s day preschool activities might include playful games for the little ones. Often stories and other kinds of poems are recited in the preschool. The main motive of children’s day activities in preschool is to spread awareness among the little ones regarding importance of children’s day.


The Children’s Day celebration

The children day mainly calls upon for the recognition of the underprivileged children. On this day various musical children’s day programs are organized in order To make the children happy. Some people celebrate by spending the entire day in the orphanage and providing them with different types of gifts, mementoes, toys, and various study-related materials. Cultural and social children’s day programs also take place in different places and this way the entire nation gives privilege to the underprivileged children. In its truest form, the day calls upon for children welfare and spreading awareness among individuals.

Importance of Children’s Day


Why do we celebrate children's day

Children are known to be the most valuable gifts from God to mankind. But it is quite likely to observe various child exploitation cases in India. The country witnesses a number of cases where children are being exploited. It is truly a sad reality of the country that even after years of celebration of the children day, they are still being brutally tortured. Some of the social evils prevailing in the country against children are child labor, feticide, child trafficking, child marriage, domestic violence, and sexual exploitation of children. It is really ironic, that in a country like India where children are worshipped on various occasions, such practices still prevail. Children’s day 2017 is a step against child exploitation in India and it is quite likely that we will soon be able to observe betterment in the condition of the children in the country.