World Youth Skills Day 2020 in COVID-19 Situation

World Youth Skills Day

Today’s youth is facing a lot of challenges in the economy due to the growing unemployment rate in both developed and developing countries. With the advent of the COVID-19 situation, the condition of our youth has worsened as many of them are forced to lose their jobs due to continuous lockdowns. And therefore, it is necessary for the youths to develop innovative and necessary skills in different fields to become more capable in managing their futures which will ultimately result in a better and prosperous society in the future. With the World Youth skills day arriving on July 15, this can provide the younger generation with required inspiration and platform to become more efficient in their skills and garner new skills that would lead to offering better employment opportunities to them.

What is World Youth Skills Day (WYSD)?

It is an annual event that observes the strategic importance of equipping the younger generation with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide them with better opportunities for employment, work, and entrepreneurship. This year as well the event would have been globally celebrated to recognize the skills and abilities of the youth generation and its importance for the future, however, the current economic situation which is still worsening in various countries have made it difficult to mark the day with the same enthusiasm as before. World Youth skills day 2020 will be celebrated throughout the world in a challenging context mainly with the help of digital media where online social media and trading platforms such as Facebook, Gmail, etc will be utilized to conduct virtual conferences on skills for resilient youth. According to the report by UNESCO, around 70% of students worldwide are affected due to the closure of schools and colleges across the different educational levels following the lockdowns. It is further stated that at least 1 in 6 young people in the world is out of work as a large section of business organizations are not able to function appropriately as before. In this challenging situation, the World Youth skills day 2020 can provide a ray of hope to the generation by allowing them to acquire new skills using digital media.

Focus of the World Youth Skills Day 2020

On 15th July, the World Youth skills day can be observed by engaging in virtual celebration with the young people. Various multinational organizations and Groups such as the secretary-general and voice on youth, UNESCO, ILO, etc together with the private sector and the policymakers are gearing up to deliver virtual conferences on skill development to help the younger generation efficiently utilize their time to learn new skills. It also involves accessing the short, medium, and long-term impact of the current pandemic situation in different countries and gain effective and valuable insights on employment, private sector, different stakeholders, and the change in job profiles due to acquiring certain skills. This is going to play a very crucial role in uplifting the current situation of our youths by making them more confident, capable unresponsive in placing any kind of situation in the future to overcome the challenge of unemployment and economic slowdown in the future.