Why Celebrating World Nature Conservation Day is Important in 2020?

World Nature Conservation Day event that is celebrated on 28 July every year all over the world for the purpose of increasing awareness regarding sustainability and preserving natural resources. The main purpose of World Nature Conservation Day is to recognize that a healthy environment is the major foundation for a productive and stable community and also and sure the well-being of the current and future generations. This year as well, on the upcoming 28 July, the Nature Conservation Day will be celebrated globally even with the current pandemic crisis. With lockdown occurring in most of the countries all over the world, due to COVID-19, it was found that the deterioration our environment has suffered over the decades due to our improper ways of spending natural resources such as water and fuel, begin to heal which was evident in various parts of the world. For instance, scientists stated that the hole in the ozone layer is healed significantly in 2020 while in India, the River Ganga also becomes cleaner due to the lack of activities performed by people courtesy lockdown. This shows that it is evidently possible for us to reduce the harmful effect from the environment and nature, and with the upcoming World Nature Conservation Day, this awareness can be extended towards people of all ages, special children to ensure that they become more socially responsible citizen in the future by not only taking care of the society but the environment as well.

History of World Nature Conservation Day

It is still unknown from where the origin and history of the Conservation Day begin, however, it is celebrated extensively throughout the world on 28 July buy wisely utilizing and managing the natural resources of the earth. It is well known that each and every activity heavily depends upon nature and it is important for people to understand it. Nature provides us with essential items such as water, trees, air, food, minerals, and soil, however, the responsible activities performed by humans have resulted in the depletion of natural resources causing an imbalance in the ecosystem. Due to this, the world is facing natural calamities such as global warming, climate change, increasing floods and droughts, etc which are not only damaging property is worth billions but also resulting in a huge number of fatalities. The World Nature Conservation Day helps people to realize the importance of protecting the environment and encouraging them to utilize best practices whenever possible by making small changes in their lifestyle.

Some of the major ways with you can also celebrate the special day for our nature and contribute significantly are as below:

  • Consider using alternative energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy for power in certain household appliances.
  • Eat vegetarian food and avoid non-veg items such as meat and fish
  • Use biodegradable and recyclable products whenever possible
  • Bring your own carry bag mobile shopping in order to avoid single-use plastic bags
  • Try to minimize the wastage of water by installing technologically advanced bathroom accessories that save water.
  • Avoid using personal vehicles such as motorbike and car for shorter distances and use public vehicles such as buses and trains for longer distances.
  • Install a water treatment plant along with rainwater harvesting to significantly reduce your clean water usage.
  • Make sure that electrical items such as bulbs and fans are not unnecessarily.

These are some of the best ways you can also celebrate World Nature Conservation Day and contribute to Mother Nature who has nurtured and nourished everyone without asking for much. It is your responsibility to give back to nature and the ecosystem to maintain a positive environment for yourself and your children and allow them to enjoy the positive sides of our ecosystem.