WORLD HEART DAY – To Ensure A Healthy Heart By Promoting A Positive Lifestyle

Nowadays, many people are suffering from different health problems. These disorders are one of the major reasons from which individuals are undergoing. Heart diseases like cardiovascular diseases and heart failure are the world’s leading causes of death. Due to this, around 18.6 million individuals die every year. Therefore, the World Heart Federation decided to spread awareness about these heart problems on September 29th annually. Issues like Heart Failure, Heart Stroke, and other Cardiovascular Diseases are the major causes of mortality around the globe. The primary causes of these problems are improper diet, physical inactivity, smoking, and drinking. World Heart Day is celebrated to help people to prevent these diseases. It also helps them to improve their health by encouraging them to have a healthy lifestyle. This provides them with a healthy and positive heart. On this day, many organizations host events with numerous activities such as exhibitions, public talks, sports events, and charity. 

Historical Origin of World Heart Day

During the session of 1997-99, President of the World Heart Federation Antonio Bayes de Luna introduced this idea to celebrate World Heart Day annually. He proposed this idea to spread awareness among people for a healthy and happy heart. In 1999, the World Health Organisation (WHO) in collaboration with the World Heart Federation (WHF) declared the establishment of World Heart Day. It was first celebrated on 24 September 2000. Previously, this day was celebrated at the end of the month of September. In 2012, WHF decided to celebrate it on September 29 yearly.

How to Celebrate World Heart Day?

  1. This day is celebrated to increase awareness among people regarding various heart diseases. On the day, people gather around to host events and participate in different activities like physical exercises and public talks. 
  2. We can celebrate World Heart Day in our premises, houses, and society as well – by making a little effort to organize an event for the day to make everyone aware of various heart diseases and their prevention. 
  3. School authorities can teach students about various healthy eating habits and activities. This will appreciate students to keep themselves physically fit and active. 
  4. Different activities like sports events, debates on healthy lifestyle, cooking competitions, and art crafting, etc. will assist everyone to keep themselves healthy and strong.

By doing this, we are not only promoting World Heart Day but also helping our family, and friends via spreading information about various heart diseases and their prevention. This will also help us to survive healthy and happy lives with our loved ones.

The Theme 2021 – Use Heart to Connect

Every year, TheWorld Heart Federation proposes a different theme for the celebration of World Heart Day. So, the theme for the year 2021 is “USE HEART TO CONNECT ”. The main aim of this theme is to share information, precautions, and management for a happy heart. Due to this pandemic situation, we have become lazy and unfit. So, there is an urgent need to take extra precautions and to adopt good habits for our wellness. Therefore, on this day we can share our health experiences and information via social media by tagging our friends and family.

This theme provides us with the power to connect with everyone digitally and direct them to good habits and share our experiences. Nowadays we can use innovative ways to provide health information at the comfort level for CVD and heart disease patients. This theme is all about using information, knowledge, and compassion to influence or connect with our loved ones and society to make sure they are living a healthy lifestyle. It’s about connecting our hearts by making sure we are nurturing and fueling it with a healthy diet and atmosphere by using digital and innovative ways.  


World Heart Day is all about ensuring that our heart is good and strong. This will happen with little effort by us through obtaining some healthy habits. This day is celebrated not only to spread awareness among people about various heart problems but also to improve their overall health. On this day people work on their health issues and try to take preventive steps for healthy living. World Heart Day tends to create a chance for everyone to change their lives and look towards positive living. This can be done by adopting good habits for our healthy and easy living.