World Health Day – Creating A Healthier World

Every year April 7 celebrates the contribution of medical facilities in the world and praises the frontline health workers. The day marks the anniversary of the formation of the World Health Organisation. World Health Day promotes mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The day provides awareness of general health and honors the nurses and midwives. It is one of the eighth official global health campaigns led by the WHO.

World Health Day recognizes the contribution of the WHO toward global healthcare. It provides awareness of the health care of people and the environment. According to The WHO, a clean environment is beneficial for forming a healthier world. WHO focuses on the issues of global attention and takes necessary steps. The global problems include climate change, the health care system, environmental issues, etc. On World Health Day, WHO draws public attention to global health.

Themes Of World Health Day

World Health Day brings a specific theme each year. It primarily focuses on the necessary steps that should be taken to build a healthy world. Last year, millions of people lost their lives due to the immense effect of COVID-19, and the nurses played a vital role in saving the lives of people. The pandemic affected the whole world’s environment and had a harsh impact on the vulnerable sectors of society. According to WHO, environmental crises are a threat to human health.

To provide awareness on developing a healthy planet and praise the medical workers, WHO raised the themes of “Support Nurses and Midwives” and “Building a fairer, healthier world” in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

The environment is continuously facing climate changes due to global warming and pollution, which has increased the risks of health problems like heart diseases, cancer, asthma, etc. To draw global society’s focus toward the well-being of people and for a healthy planet, WHO chose the theme “Our planet, and our health” in 2022.

History Of World Health Day

In 1945, China and Brazil proposed the formation of the World Health Organisation as an independent body. In July 1946, the creation of the WHO got approved and entered into force in 1948. As the first official act of the organization, the committee created World Health Day. However, the assembly celebrated the first world health day on July 22, 1949, the date that 61 nations signed the charter of the WHO in New York in 1946.

Later, the World Health Assembly decided to celebrate April 7 as World Health Day. To celebrate the formation of the World Health Organisation and highlight its primary concern areas, the assembly also introduced the concept of theme. 

On April 7, 1950, the world celebrated the first official World Health Day with the theme “Know your Health Services”. Since then, each year, the WHO organizes World Health Day using a different theme. World Health Organisation arranges numerous events, seminars, and programs highlighting the tagline and promoting world health care.

Significance Of World Health Day

World Health Day promotes the primary health and environmental concerns globally to create better-living conditions. According to the WHO, good health increases the productivity of a person. It is an initiative to raise awareness among the people. It tells people about the interconnectedness of the planet and people.

The day highlights the importance of the World Health Organisation and also appreciates the efforts of our health and social workforce. The WHO uses this day to mark the long-term program, and various events take place as a step to contribute toward the making of a healthier place.

Closing Words

According to World Health Organisation, more than 13 million deaths happen due to avoidable environmental issues. It is the responsibility of the people to understand the concerns and contribute to the building of healthy environmental conditions. Each year, World Health Care Day focuses on contemporary health issues and takes measures to prevent them. AMICI wishes everyone a healthy and well life.