Numerous Methods of Celebrating the Festival of Colours in India

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colours, is very famous among Indians. Everyone eagerly waits for this day throughout the year and enjoys the festival with full enthusiasm. People get very excited and start to plan a few weeks before the festival. They visit their loved ones for the celebration. This festival brings lots of happiness and joy to everyone’s lives and inspires them to live their lives colourfully.

The Spiritual Thoughts Behind Holi Celebration

In 2022, the Holi is on March 18, and everyone celebrates it from March 17. The celebration lasts for two days. On the first day, people do a bonfire and revolve around it to praise goodness over evil. The born fire obliges us to pray for the kindness of Bhagwan Vishnu and end the immoral thoughts with the burning of Holika. Thus, the bonfire is also known as Holika Dahan. Then everyone enjoys the festival of colours with lots of Gulal and water. Individuals celebrate the festival with the spiritual thought of playing Lord Krishana with Radha Ji and their Gopis.

How People Celebrate Holi in Different Regions?

India is a country of diversification, and here every festival is celebrated in different ways. Every state has their ways to celebrate festivals. Similarly, with Holi, people in various cities commemorate the fests distinctly. Here is a piece of brief information of different states celebrating Holi in diverse ways:

  • Lathmar Holi: The most popular way of celebrating Holi. People celebrate it at Barsana in Uttar Pradesh, the birthplace of Shri Radha Rani. Here women run after men with a bamboo stick in their hands to hit them. And men protect them with a shield from women’s stakes.
  • Dhulandi: It is the way of Holi that signifies the teasing relationship of Devar and Bhabhi in Haryana. Individuals do prank and annoy each other. They specify the bond of laughter and joy between Devar and Bhabhi.
  • Phoolon ki Holi: People at Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh love to play Holi with flowers. They visit the Banke Bihari Temple to worship Lord Krishana to celebrate this festival with him. Individuals greet each other with Gulal and commemorate the carnival with flowers.
  • Rang Panchami: The festival of colours is known as Rang Panchami in Maharashtra. People celebrate the festival by doing a bonfire and then playing it with Gulal. In Maharashtra, the celebration starts five days before the Sharda Purnima and ends on the day of Holi.

Every state has their ways of celebrating Holi. They enjoy the festival with joy and happiness. People try to resolve their past quarrels and start their relationship with new beginnings. Therefore, there is a pleasant line famous for this extravaganza,

Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai!

Best Wishes from AMICI

With this festival of colours, AMICI wishes everyone a Happy Holi. We desire that this Holi will bring happiness to your lives by replacing it with sorrow. Our team wishes you all the best for your aims. AMICI expects that you will achieve all your colourful dreams and reach heights.