Earth Day – A Vision To Heal Our Planet

On April 22, people around the globe celebrate Earth Day to promote awareness for the protection of our planet and make it a better living place. The day marks the beginning of environmental movements in 1970 and how it had changed the people’s way of looking towards climatic changes and encouraged them to protect the planet. Earth Day enlightens the global public about environmental laws and conservation techniques and inspires them to protest for our planet’s safety.

Industrial developments and the growth of new technologies has affected environmental conditions severely. Due to the increased pollution and global warming, natural resources are suffering a lot. The glaciers are melting, the forest fires, climatic changes, etc., show the damages humans have done to the environment. Earth Day is a step towards promoting a sustainable economy and making plans to limit the degradation of the ecosystem.

Themes Of Celebrating Earth Day

Each year United Nations decides the theme of Earth Day. UN organizes many events, seminars, and awareness programs highlighting the theme. The theme underlines the crucial environmental issues that should be addressed to the public for creating awareness. Some of the themes the United Nations chose for the celebration of Earth Day are:

  • Environmental and Climate Literacy– 2017
  • End Plastic Pollution– 2018
  • Protect Our Species – 2019
  • Climate Action – 2020
  • Restore Our Earth– 2021

In 2022, the theme of Earth Day is “Invest In Our Planet. The vital points of this theme are to act boldly, innovate broadly and implement equitably. It focuses on influencing people to work together as a team and adopt a green economy to build a stable future.

Historical Points Related To Earth Day

It is shocking to know that before 1970, it was legal to release industrial waste into water bodies and black smoke into the air. People were not aware of the harmful effects of pollution. There were no environmental protection acts. In America, industrial growth was at its peak, and people accepted toxic smoke as a symbol of prosperity. In 1962, Rachel Carson published Silent Spring in the New York Times and highlighted the primary environmental issues globally.

In January 1969, the dangerous oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, happened. It influenced Senator Gaylord Nelson, from Wisconsin, to take necessary steps for protecting the environment. Nelson influenced college students by organizing on-college campaigns and infused the power of anti-war protests to spread general awareness about water and air pollution.

On April 22, 1970, thousands of people participated in the first movement of Earth Day. The campaign sparked media attention and influenced 20 million Americans to protest against the deterioration of the environment. Thousands of people partook in the protest by forming groups, organizing rallies, etc.

At the end of 1970, Earth Day resulted in the formation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. And the agency created various protection acts, including the Health Act, the Clean Air Act, the National Environmental Education Act, etc.

In 1990, Earth Day ran international and boosted recycling measures. Massive campaigns took place and mobilized people from 141 countries for raising environmental problems on the international stage.

Today, the world celebrates Earth Day and influences the global society to take measures to protect our planet. Many environmental laws and acts have been created to develop sustainable living conditions.

Capping Words

The continuous use of resources, increasing global warming, pollution, etc., has entirely damaged the ecosystem. It is our responsibility to give our contribution to conserving the planet. People should follow the guidelines made by the government to save the environment because a small step taken by us can make a huge difference. Let’s team up together and develop a better living place for everyone. “Save the world, save yourself.” Happy Earth Day.