World Health Day 2021- Building a Fairer & Healthier World

We, humans, are living in a world that is unequal and unfair. All over the globe, many people are struggling to fulfill their basic needs with minimum daily wages, fewer employment opportunities, drastic housing conditions, and education experiencing gender inequality, and having little or zero access to safe environments, fresh water, and air, health services, and food security. On the other side, there are a group of people who are busy enjoying all amenities and luxuries, without even thinking about the poorer section of society. Unequal distribution of resources creates unnecessary suffering, illness, and premature death of many poor people and ultimately it harms our societies and economies.

COVID-19 has hit all countries hard, but its impact has been harshest on communities which were already vulnerable. These groups are more exposed to the disease, less likely to have access to quality healthcare services, and more likely to experience adverse consequences as a result of measures implemented to contain the pandemic. These inequities are not new. whether the world has seen improvements in average levels of health and life expectancy and reductions in premature mortality, these gains have not been shared equally across different sections of society within and across nations. Differences are also observed at every age, from the early years to the end of life.

WHO urge the world’s leaders to monitor health inequities and to ensure that all people are able to access quality health services when and where they need them. The evidence is clear: giving both boys and girls an equally better start in life and addressing health across the life course is essential for the well-being, development, sustainability, and resilience of today’s society and for future generations.

World Health Day 2021

Facts & Figures about this Upcoming World Health Day

  • For the first time in 20 years, global poverty levels are predicted to rise and hinder the progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • More than 59% of people living in some countries of the Region lack coverage with essential and basic health services.
  • More than 1 billion people living in informal settlements or slums are facing challenges in preventing infection and transmission of the coronavirus.
  • The Asia-Pacific region as a whole account for nearly 82.5 million or 32% of the world’s international migrants.
  • 9 million children in the Asia-Pacific Region are at risk of not returning back to school due to the disruption to education and the economic impact of the pandemic.
  • 52% of the Asia-Pacific population remains unconnected to the internet.

Significance of World Health Day

This year, on 7th April the World Health Organization (WHO) will launch a new health campaign with the theme of “Building a Fairer & Healthier World”.


Significance of World Health Day
Image Source: News18

For the last 50 years, World Health Day brings the important health issues to the mainstream such as child care and maternal, climate change, and mental health. “Good health is the best wealth for the world”. The main motto of World Health Day is to raise global awareness about the importance of good health and aware the world about the current emerging health issues. World Health Day is a day observed globally by government and non-government health organizations(specifically organized by the World Health Organization) focusing on promoting healthier and good living habits that increase the life expectancy of people around the globe.

WHO organized several pledges, activities, and support plans such as online conferences for health workers, briefings for local politicians, informational displays for children and young people, public marches and demonstrations, as well as free or easy access to medical tests. Debates on medical and health-related matters, art carnivals, essay writing, competitions and award ceremonies also take place on the occasion of World Health Day. This special day has become a collective action aimed at globally promoting and protecting human health for a better future.

Ways of Promoting Good Health in 2021

From the very beginning of human civilization, health remains a major concern and an important aspect of human life. And from the perspective of the current scenario, good health is definitely the call of the time.

Some of the 4 ways by which we as an individual can promote good health standards in 2021:-

  • By keeping the city clean and green.
  • Promoting Yoga and Exercise’s benefits.
  • Promoting the benefits of a healthy diet.
  • Organizing various health programs and campaigns.

Promoting good health for a healthy community is not the only responsibility of the government or any other prominent organization. We as an individual can also help our community in order to maintain good hygiene and follow all the possible ways to use biodegradable products. In this particular time frame where Covid-19 hits the whole world drastically, good health is a major concern. Being a responsible citizen it’s our duty to create a hustle-free environment with a better living standard where every single person can get a healthy environment for living.


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