All you Need to know About the Best WordPress SEO Plugins 2021

WordPress is the leading and most famous website development platforms on the internet in the current age. Its flexibility and reliability have made it the best choice for most website runners. WordPress is the engine that provides a secure, user-friendly, and wholesome environment for the websites, with 1000 of plugins and features available. So, in case you’re willing to use WordPress, installing a group of its handy plugins, trust me it is a smart choice.

About 50,000 plus WordPress plugins are present on the internet, which supports in upgrading your website’s functionalities and provides essential backup to your system. Any WordPress development company you talk to would also encourage you to load up on these plugins and get moving.

Users can choose plugins to address issues, including security, backup, emails, speed, SEO, analytics, and so on. For every requirement you may have, there are multiple plugins to choose from, both free and paid as well.

By selecting the right combination of the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools can help your business grow immensely. It simply transforms your online presence and activities, making most of your work easier and less burdensome.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a famous blogging and Content Management System (CMS) that has become a vital asset to businesses of all types. This free platform offers a do-it-yourself opportunity to spruce up the look and feels of a website without knowing any coding or having to hire developers. It supports businesses to create enticing landing pages for sale events, products, services, and more. A WordPress drag and drop page builder offers several design elements and add-ons. WP page creators include functionalities like responsive controls, export/import, and a real-time editing system with all the bells and whistles to power a full-fledged site.

This open-source platform can accommodate a variety of page builders to give users the ability to create secure and customizable sites faster and with relative ease. You also have the option to choose from a collection of pre-built options which you can add to any of your pages. Simply put, you have the ability to rearrange and style your homepage to suit your particular needs.

Why do we use Plugins in WordPress?

A plugin is a part of the software that allows you to customize the features and functions of your website depending on your needs. It can either add new characteristics or enlarge your website’s existing functions. Plugins are the primary building blocks of a website and work just like applications of your phones. They’re addressed in PHP programming language and are “plugged into” the website. They are developed to work seamlessly with your website.

There are a few reasons for using WordPress SEO Plugins:-

  • Plugins preserve a lot of development time which in turn can save on a website’s overall set budget.
  • It provides developers with the versatility to customize site functionality and features. Some of the plugins allow few settings to be turned on and off and styles like colours, fonts, and sizes to be changed to match the rest of the website.
  • Plugins that are used in WordPress managed and designed by some reliable and popular companies (Antares and Plugin Fox) who update them on a regular basis to improve the security and fix bugs.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins in 2021

Plugins can either be free or paid, it all depends upon you what type of plugins you want to use for your WordPress. These plugins can help you to get a varied range of functions.  By analyzing and judging your website needs, you can take a call on the set that you want.

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins to improve SEO are listed below:-

Pretty Links:- It is an associate plugin that lets you compress your links, organizes your WordPress dashboard, and make your URLs and websites look fresh. It is mostly useful for affiliate marketing professionals who follow links from social media, emails, and other such platforms.

Yoast SEO:- It is another SEO plugin that is pretty prevalent on WordPress. It is used by more than 4 million websites around the globe. Yoast plugin is user-friendly and comes with clear guidance on advancing SEO in content.

Nextiva:-  Nextiva plugin comes as a business phone service that enables call routing, free unlimited domestic calls, voicemails, emails, texts, online faxes, and much more. Users can take business calls straight to the phone.

WooCommerce:- It is an e-commerce plugin that lets you create an online store and sell products. It has its own ecosystem, including hosting, themes, and plugins.

Smash Balloon:- Smash Balloon is touted to be the best social media feed tool available on WordPress. It hosts multiple plugins that can handle different social media platforms. With this, you can check SEO, customize feeds, control interaction, and do much more.


Setting up the best WordPress SEO plugins might seem intimidating, with so many customization options and plugin choices out there. But once you know your requirements and priorities, it can be a very easy process. These above-mentioned plugins are just a few of them, there are more than 60,000 plugins that are used in WordPress.  The number of plugins increases day by day hence it is just an approximate number of plugins.  For beginners, these plugins are enough to get the best outcome for their websites which fits in the budget.