The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding

Color psychology has always been an argument to be discussed about, as it an important factor of marketing in relation to persuade consumers to buy or like a particular product or service.

Colors help you get what you want, your consumer is your audience and through colors, you can deliver your message to them. It has an emotional cue in association to marketing; you can easily market your service or product. You can get your audience to feel what you want them to feel, see what you want them to see. All this just with the usage of the right color hue!

How Important are Colors in Marketing and Branding?

Why is the ‘Nike’s’ swoosh white? Why is ‘Coca Cola’ written with the color combination of white and red? One of the most important elements of your brand is its visual look and you cannot keep on changing the color scheme as the hue helps in recognition of your brand very strong.

If your website design or your brochure doesn’t make the audience happy your service certainly won’t make them happy too. No matter how convincing your work is, if your presentation is not impressive you won’t be able to score a client.

How can Colors Breed Certain Emotions?

Let’s talk about different colors and their psychological connotation in marketing and branding. Colors direct our eyes and guide us where to look, what is appealing to the eye would definitely attract our brain. As a content marketer, you need to know and understand what colors mean to people!

RED is one of the most influential colors which can be used to entice your audience. It is a dynamic color that manifests our physical requirements whether to show love and affection or to exhibit fear. Red is also a motivating color that can portray strong relations and strength. This color can also be used to show aggression and demands depending on its surroundings.

Orange is a very interesting color, it is a color of warmth, motivation, positive attitude, friendliness and fun. It also portrays enthusiasm towards life. This color is a friend of rough times and helps things to be exhibited in a lively and light manner.

Yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the color spectrum. It changes the mood and it also incites impulse buying. Therefore, a lot of brands use the color ‘yellow’ for its polybags. Often this color is used to show tension or anxiety and this can be used in confusing the consumer.

Blue is connected to the feeling of peace, calmness, tranquillity, and reliability. It is also related to starvation and curbing of appetite, if used in a large amount this color can be perceived as distant, cold, or unfriendly. However, this color elaborates reliability, dependability, and trust.

Pink is a soft, less intense type of red that invokes compassion and never dying love. It also denotes empathy, hope, care, and though it is a physical color it soothes rather than stimulates, making it a color of nurturing, immature draining, and sometimes showing lack of power.

Black is artful. It could be overwhelming if used too often, it is also related to being bold or demonstrating authority or being the only one. If used properly it can portray tradition and elegance. This color is used to show separation, control, mystery, evil, sophistication, and independence.

White is pure, innocent, could be used to show equality and refreshment. White is known to have an equal balance of all the colors it represents fresh starts, cleanliness, idea creation. Using too much white could show isolation, emptiness, or exhibit loneliness.


Different colors have different meanings in different cultures and countries. Therefore, your marketing and branding plan may vary if you have to take it globally. Color psychology needs a lot of research and analysis when used for marketing and branding as it assists you in nurturing your product or service.

Your virtual image helps you establish your service, marketing your website with the right color spectrum is paramount when it comes to your online identity. Nevertheless, you can always use expert’s help to design and build your website as they’ll know the usage of different colors and its implication.