Social Media Day – Recognizing the Great Digital Revolution

It is a great idea to recognize the great digital revolution that Social Media has initiated in the virtual world. Since 30th June 2010, every year Social Media Day is observed with enthusiasm. Social Media is virtually everywhere these days. With the rapid proliferation of mobile-based internet service, the importance and popularity of Social Media has been increasing in leaps and bounds.

Importance of Social Media

There was a time when Internet was just a medium of gathering information. Then there came email services that quickly changed the very way of communication. People soon understood internet could be used to make the entire communication system faster and easier. And then, different Social Media came into existence and quickly won internet users’ hearts.

Social media has made it possible to stay connected with close and distance relatives, friends, and acquaintances in different ways. These media help to share every moment of life with texts, images, videos, and voices. It has enabled millions of people to reconnect with classmates, playmates, colleagues and relatives whom they have not seen for decades. It also helps to make new fronds or business connections. Many people have delighted to connect with ancestors and distance family members whom they have not even seen in their life. Thus, Social Media has given people at large a new way to socialize.

Social Media is now inevitable for their users. It is not just a medium of communication, but a way to keep in touch with near and dear ones. It’s a way to communicate with the customers for a business house or supporters for a political party. Social Media helps to contact with employees instantly or find a job in a MNC. Social Media is a way to voice ideas and opinions or to gather supporters for a movement.
So, by observing Social Media Day, social media users actually show their deep attachment with the Social Media and their thanks for whatever they have gained out of these Media.

Some Social Media that have Changed the World

Social Media Day was first observed by Mashable on 30th June 2010. The interest to observe these days was also grown in other popular Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and many more. This year, every Social Media is observing this day with utter enthusiasm. Some really great Social Media that have indeed rocked the world needs a little mention here –

  1. Twitter – This is a splendid way to post a link, image, and text, etc. One needs to complete his message within 140 words.
  2. Facebook – Over the years, it has become a synonym of ‘Social Media’. It provides all possible ways to contact with others in a real-time situation.
  3. Snapchat – This application gives one the ability to take a picture, add text, and then send it to receivers within a fixed time duration.
  4. Pinterest – It lets the users to share pictures and creative thoughts that others can pin, save or duplicate

Other Social Media like Google+, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube, etc. have also been widely used by millions of people all over the world.

How the Day is Observed?

Enthusiasts post their own concepts and views regarding this day. In many places people meet together and share their views and discuss on the ways of improving the utilities of their favorite Social Media sites. In fact, with the passage of time, over the last six years, Social Media Day has steadily gained its importance.