6 Reasons You Should Adopt Responsive Design for Websites

Analytics firm comScore reported that from December 2013 to December 2015, there was a 78 percent rise in smartphone internet consumption across the globe. Due to reports and statistics like these, firms of every size and domain started focusing on responsive web design for their websites.
In very basic terms, responsive web design can be stated as an approach to design a website in a manner that ensures proper visibility and easy navigation across different screens. Coding is done in such a manner that layout is adapted as per the screen through elements like flexible images, fluid grids, and CSS3 media queries.
Well, the advantages of responsive design for a website are much more than you have imagined. To give a clear account associated with this form of a website, we present its multiple benefits.

Here we go…

  1. Enhanced Rank in Google Search Results
    Google clearly stated in its update on April 21 2015 that mobile-friendliness will be one of the key factors related to ranking of the website in search results. But it is often seen that several small businesses ignore this factor when they are working on search engine optimization through conventional methods.
  2. Better Earnings through Adsense
    Websites that rely on revenue from Adsense service from Google can additional income through responsive web designs. Even number of conversions is enhanced for a business as customers instantly browse a website through his/her cellphone when a specific product or a service is required.
  3. User Experience is Redefined
    At the core of business lies the objective of satisfying the users at every step. And user experience associated with website navigation stays at the top position for the companies. To ensure a peak level user experience, responsive web pages are a must for service or product-based firms.
  4. Efficient Analytics of Website
    If you have chosen the responsive design for a website, you can free yourself from chaotic analytics. That’s because Google analytics-related process is decreased down to a single report. The saved time can be utilized to focus on other essential tasks of your business.
  5. Resources are Saved
    You don’t have to spend additional time and money for preparing a stand-alone website for mobile devices. A single responsive website is sufficient for proper viewing on computer screens and smartphones. This ensures that budget of your business stays in control. It also ensures that management and modification of websites are simplified at later stages, which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  6. No Content Duplicity
    Search engine penalizes you for duplicate content, which drags down your website from search results. This can happen if you create different websites for different devices with the same content.

A responsive website ensures that this issue is curbed and you stay safe when it comes to penalties levied by the search engine giant.
These benefits reinforce the idea that you can raise a notch above your competitors through this practice. Therefore, become a Jedi of online realm by designing your website in a responsive manner.