Eid is Around the Corner – Tips to Celebrate the Season of Ramadan

After a month of rigid fasting and sacred prayers said to Allah, it’s Eid that sits around the corner. The season of Ramadan is quite a lot of fun wherein everyone tries hard to make a mark and think of creative ideas to make this festival turn merrier than ever before. While kids have their own party ideas heaped in a pile, elders prepare to attend social gatherings or spend some quality time with their families. The Muslim community is bound in vibrancy and joy for the celebration of this ‘sweeter version of thanksgiving’. Here in this blog, we are going to talk about the ideas that bring to the table a perfect amalgamation of decoration, food, and entertainment that can be done within the set budget.

  • Select a Theme: To begin with, setting a theme for any type of celebration is quite exciting, which includes thinking on the line as to which decoration; dressing, and menu stands best.  It can be anything from a Bollywood, ethnic, or something color coding. Go for multiple colors and flowers that can be used as accessories to brighten up the entire theme of celebration.
  • Accessorize – Set up the house for this grand occasion. There is nothing as pleasant as conducting an event that is surrounded by flowers and is full of fragrances. So, pick the best-looking flowers, with matching table covers and chairs to make the event an unforgettable one.  
  • Feast over Fast: Since this festival is rooted to traditions, nothing can be as tempting as endless counters of delicacies. Even calling for pot luck is another marvelous idea that will encourage participation from the guest, while limiting the burden on the host.  Top of all; don’t forget to work on the presentation of food, use creative ways to make the food look multiple times sumptuous and irresistible.
  • Take your Time: If you have decided to host it all by yourself, make sure that you plan the menu and other details well in advance to avoid last-minute rush and chaos. Take into account those items that require preparation before time.
  • Remembers yourself – As a host, don’t fall back on looking great. Take out the best traditional outfit from your wardrobe and get set to look all-time stunning.

In any course of celebrating these Islamic Holidays, always experiment and don’t shy away from acting creative and resourceful.