Compelling Pillars of SEO – Quality Content & Link Building

In Prior times, the main goal of every webmaster was to improve the quantity and quality of inbound links, but later on, this strategy has become outdated. But nowadays, digital marketing is gradually adopting the new strategies which have turned out in two main pillars of SEO today and they are – Content and Links (particularly earned inbound links from other websites that refer to your content).
It is the user’s tendency that when they click on “enter” after typing the query in a search tab, they choose top three links to perceive the intended information. If you have ever wondered why some of these websites rank better than the others, then you definitely know that it is because of a powerful web marketing technique “ SEO- Search Engine Optimization”.
Search engines are now focusing on the integration of all these important components. But when we talk bout the individual component, then it plays a negligible role in the ranking algorithm or we can say that a single element does not worth a website to rank well in search engine. However, when all the components are integrated, there is an escalation effect on the rankings.
Let’s discuss one by one to know their importance.

1. Content – What will be your approach to reach a large audience when you are in a digital world? If I am supposed to give the answer, then I would say “ there are only two ways through which one can connect to the people over the internet and that would be “Images” and “Content”.
Content is the foremost thing which is required to convey information over the web. On the web, content is king and always will be. We know that the internet is the super highway for any information you seek, whether you need the exact address of your desired location or a new pair of dress.
In the past years, content marketing has gained substantial popularity maybe you can say partly reason is the Google algorithm updates that penalize the low/plagiarized content. Nowadays, almost every online marketer is focusing on quality content. Google has always given priorities to their users and it has stated that “ Write for your user, not for me”, this certainly means that too high-quality content which produces no intended meaning is useless for users. On the other side, the content which consists of spelling mistakes, grammatical error content is absolute of no use.
Content plays a major role in increasing the website’s traffic, therefore, it is extremely required to write compelling content to make your readers understand. SEO even described some rules to make effective content like to mention proper meaningful headlines to grab the user’s attention and proper keyword usage. So, make sure that whatever content you are writing that must be qualitative, unique, and optimized.
Now, rolling to the next one.

2. Link Building – Another important component of SEO is “Link Building”. The term “LINK” describes the meaning itself. To promote the business online, this is the strongest and smartest strategy in SEO sphere. Link building is the technique to expand the reach in the online world. It is something which refers to the other webpage that consists of valuable information. In addition, it is an ongoing process of acquiring high-quality incoming links to your website that shows that your website is relevant, authorized, trustworthy, and popular.

The interesting fact about link building is that there is no typical constraint on its category. There are several types of links like Editorial, Resource, Acquired, Reciprocal, Directory Link, and many more. Remember, be it any type, but the aim is same “ to expand the online reach and to gain the top ranking in the search results”.

All in all, Links are considered as the oldest and strongest signal we can give to Google about the importance of our content and site. So, if you are working to increase search visibility, link is one of the considerations. Last but not the least, always make sure that you are earning the link, not buying.


Undoubtedly, SEO has become the trend for every online business and the supporting factors are “Content” and “Link building”. SEO can only be beneficial to the organization, when it can be used in a right way, following the various Google’s guidelines. Success definitely comes when you see an increment in search traffic, higher rankings, and referral link traffic. Therefore, keep on doing perfect SEO to take your business to another level.

About AMICI GSPL: As mentioned above, Digital marketing services provided by us is based on the quality of contents, its relevant distribution, competitive intelligence, and timely implementation of the latest practices. Ultimately these efforts yield better than expected results.