National Epilepsy Day 2018 – Let’s Unify to Spread Awareness

National Epilepsy Day is commemorated annually on November 17 all around India. The chief purpose of organizing and creating this day is to raise cognizance and awareness among people regarding epilepsy. World Health Organization (WHO) stated in its report that approximately 50 million people are suffering from epilepsy globally. If we talk about India, almost 10 million people suffer from epilepsy.

What is the Motive Behind National Epilepsy Day Celebration?

The fundamental objective of organizing National Epilepsy Day is to make people aware of Epilepsy. There are numerous research centers and alliances involved in discovering and research for treating Epilepsy. The teams associated with such related foundations tend to make frequent attempts to attract the active participation of the people suffering from Epilepsy. The main motive is to change the vision of people about Epilepsy patients. The organization also attempts to make sure that society and people consent and understand epilepsy patients.

Understand the Meaning of Epilepsy

national epilepsy day 2018

Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder in which the activities related to the brain become abnormal, giving rise to seizures of strange and unusual behavior and loss of awareness. Epilepsy is now a global health issue. It is a diverse set of stiff neurological disarray drawn by the seizure. Epilepsy can be caused anybody having a brain. The disease is considered to be universal and requires utmost care given to the patient. Facts suggest that nearly 50 million people across the globe suffer from this disease. Around 80% of the entire epilepsy counts take place in developing nations. The concluding result of abnormal and extreme brain activity is occurring of the seizures. It also occurs because of the hypersynchronous neuronal brain activity. On the other hand the chief cause of Epilepsy cannot be identified in most of the cases; symptoms that can be determined are the strokes, brain injury, excessive alcohol consumption, drug consumption, and brain trauma, etc. When a person grows with this disease the symptoms take place more frequently. It is believed that the epileptic seizure cannot be healed completely but can only be restrained and controlled.

Common Causes of Epilepsy

Causes of Epilepsy vary in accordance with age.

In Newborns

Newborns can be detected with Epilepsy because of several causes such as brain malformations, inborn errors of metabolism, scarcity of oxygen during birth, maternal drug consumption, low sugar level, and calcium level, etc.

In Infants and Children

Infants and children can be suffering from Epilepsy caused by the following factors like fever, brain tumor which is quite uncommon, and infection, etc.

In Adults

Adults can be found with such disease because of the reasons like congenital conditions, genetic elements, brain disease, head injury, or trauma.

In Seniors

Stoke, Alzheimer’s disease, and trauma can be the significant causes of epilepsy in seniors.


Most of the people living with this disease tend to feel misapprehension and discrimination that can cause a big problem that results in struggling treatment of Epilepsy which also cut down the self-esteem and confidence of patients. People with Epilepsy often discriminated at social place which needs to stop now. There is an urgent need to educate the patients to care about themselves as well as teaching the general public to behave appropriately with Epilepsy patients rather than discouraging them. By commemorating National Epilepsy Day awareness can be raise to educate people and make them cognizant about the actual facts of this global problem.