Children’s Day 2018 – Time to Embrace the Child Hiding

It is 14th of November and we all are perfectly cognizant about the uniqueness of this day. A day dedicated to all the children around the nation is here and all of us are excited to make the kids happy around us. The prettiest smile they carry on their face can melt any heart. One likes to pour the wishes on kids along with gifts and surprises. Be it your nephew, niece, or your own kids, every child needs to be felt special and loved on this. You can shower your love and affection on them in whichever way they like.

How Chacha Nehru and Bal Divas are Interlinked?

Children's Day 2018

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India. He was very affectionate towards the children. He was born on 14th November 1889; he dedicated his birthday to the celebration of children’s day all across India. Kids used to address him as ‘Chacha Nehru’. He always believed in the welfare of children and worked for it as well. Every year his birthday is celebrated in the form of children’s day in India.

Changing Perceptions of Children’s Day

It is the high time we shift our focus from just gifting and loving the kids on this special day. We need to make them aware of a lot of other important elements of life which lie beyond the mobile and i-pad screens. We are the ones who make them aware about laptops, mobiles, etc. In a very young age and as a result, their interest shifted from books to kindle. They find social media networking more interesting rather than meeting and playing up with their friends outside. Children today are addicted to the fake and virtual world. Facebook likes and comments are more important to them and real experiences are far away from them. Today a 3-year-old kid can scroll his fingers on a tablet faster than you. Just pay attention to the person who introduced all these gadgets to your child and you will find the eventual answer, yes that is you only.

What New we Should do?

So change your perception of this children’s day and rather than gifting your child an expensive play station, mobile, laptop, iPod, etc. Gift them an experience for a lifetime. Keep them away from playing violent video games online. Take them out and explore nature, the beauty that is far better from their light-up screens. Make them aware of the real world, real relations, friends, and loved ones. We always push them to study only and forget to make them feel the basic enjoyment that lies outside the social media platforms. Take them to museums, amusement parks, family outings and let their pretty eyes see natural beauty as well. Let them know they will always be special to you in a rather special and unique way this time.

How about being a Child Again on this Children’s Day?

We are living in a fast-moving world. We leave everything behind apart from the memories we made in our childhood. So this is the perfect time to bring back the long-lost child within you. Take out time for yourself and treat yourself with all the feasts you longed for years. Meet your old friends and cherish the childhood memories. Do the silly things you wanted to do but kept it a miss always only because you are a grown-up now. Change your perception, forget all the worries and be the little careless and innocent child again at least for a day.