World Heritage Week – This Heritage Week Pledge to Preserve

World Heritage Week 2018 is around the corner. People around the world will be celebrating the time from 19th to 25th of November with an objective of increasing awareness among people to protect their heritage sites. World Heritage Week is a great time to make people cognizant about preserving the cultural heritage sites around the world. The commemoration of this week takes place annually and spotlights on the relevancy to safeguard and conserve the ancestry sites. There is an utmost need to aware people to stop destroying their heritage spots in order to sustain tourism as well.

Celebration of World Heritage Week in India

Mostly the students from different schools and colleges tend to participate in various programs and activities related to the historical and cultural sites of numerous countries. There are many private and public associations that are linked with the programs and activities related to this event. Students like to prepare catchy slogans and articles related to the awareness of the protection of historical heritage and monuments of the country. Some of the interesting events like seminars, photo manifestation, and other significant competitive programs take place that are organized by the department of culture and archeology and Archaeological Survey of India.


Why is it Important to Conserve the Heritage Sites?

Heritage conservation is quite significant in order to identify, analyze and record the ancestry and cultural resources. Upkeep and prudency of the heritage buildings is a relevant tool in city advancement and development. These heritage sites help in generating economy to a particular country as well as it caters a feel of identity. It streams a sense of connectivity with the historical places and releases a continuation and link with the future generation in this swift-moving world. The heritage buildings and sites tend to showcase past history and moments related to any nation. The historical value of these places is always priceless as they are correlated with certain captivating religious, political, and social events revolving around them.

There is no doubt that many heritage buildings and sites are subjected to the danger of degradation in the coming time. This can lead to scenarios where these sites no longer fulfill their objective and purpose as they are meant to be. It is the need of the hour to preserve such iconic beauty.

Factors that can Help in Preserving Heritage Sites

Even though the protection and preservation of historical heritage sites seem to be a challenging task, there are numerous steps that can be initiated to safeguard the iconic buildings and places.

  • Spread Alertness and Knowledge – Making people cognizant about the preservation of heritage places is the utmost urgent thing. One can spread awareness among people by sharing thoughts and experiences with the public through various means like social media.
  • Endow and Donate – On an individual level one can contribute to the preservation of heritage sites by donating money and other useful resources. One can directly donate to various public programs that are running campaigns and activities to safeguard such sites.
  • Travel More – It is very much important to travel in order to maintain and contribute to the economy. This not only attracts other visitors but also pays respect to these iconic sites.
  • Stop Littering Around – This is the high time we understand and respect the cleanliness around these historical places and sites. One should take a step forward and volunteer in putting a stoppage at the litters around.

Final Thoughts

Each and every citizen must apprehend the significance of their respective heritage sites. In today’s fast-growing or we can say evolving world, we need to preserve the historic beauty and places so that the coming generation can experience the achievements and cultural heritage. A little effort from us all can lead to a fruitful change which can make us all proud. Take a pledge to safeguard the heritage sites as well as aware the people around you to preserve and protect such masterpieces.