Know Some Facts About Blog in Business Marketing

It is completely true that an organization cannot drive the business only through blogging, but at the same time you cannot deny this fact that blog plays a pivotal role in the digital world. The blog section which flashes on one’s website is not just to embellish the beauty of a website, but there are various reasons behind its usage. Now, the question arises that how it can be beneficial, let’s know the main stats which define “How does Blog raise the business?“.

  • Blogs have been Rated as the 5th most Trusted Source  for Accurate Online Information:
    In the virtual world, it is difficult to trust easily on others when it comes to extract information users start drilling the pool of websites and they get varied results. But, let me tell you, Blog is the 5th most trusted source to gather accurate and genuine online information. The reason is, blogs are always written for specific purposes or you can say for one approach. In addition to that Blogs, by nature, have a personal touch to them and for this reason, they’re a trusted source of information. The blog serves as a great opportunity to extend your brand and showcase your
  • Companies get 97% more Links to their Websites:
    Generating reliable, intuitive news to your visitors always pays off. This means that whatever blog you write with the intention of giving the intended information, users always like that, which leads to an increase the inbound links. Such inbound links strengthen the trust of the users on the target one. The average company who blogs has 55% more websites visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages. The formula says: Business + Blog = Web Traffic, Links &
  • The Companies which Constantly Post the Blogs get 13x More Positive ROI:
    If you consistently post the blogs on your website, then you can enjoy the 13x more positive ROI. Actually, Blogging helps you get found online. Without choosing the option of advertisement, a blog can attract a large audience itself alone. As, the blog works 24 hours, which leads in gathering good traffic, so all in all your work blog works all the time for
  • B2B Marketers that use Blogs Receive 67% More Leads than those that do not:
    One of the biggest benefits of blogging is being able to attract high-quality leads- even when you’re not working. The more a lead has contact with you, the more likely you can increase your reach. If you’re putting out informative and genuine content which means valuable content on a consistent basis, you’ll be surprised how much your leads will increase. So, make sure you are constantly updating older blogs so they continue to bring high-quality
  • The Cost of your Blog is your “TIME”:
    Less investment and high profit” is the strategy of every business. To expedite the reach in the web world, entrepreneurs start looking for the tool which can easily promote their business, and for that they need to invest a hefty amount. Rather than using PPC to acquire new leads, which can put a dollar amount on your leads upwards of $300, try blogging. No other hard investments are required when you are blogging, as requires in PPC

Always remember, a business blog is a resilient part of branding your company. So, it is utterly required to create the blog only by knowing your audience because then only you can create a worthy Blog.

Thus, keep a quality blog, post frequently, and see the riveting effect.