An Overview on Enhanced Ecommerce Analysis

Enhanced Ecommerce‘ is a newly introduced feature in Google Analytics. It is of great use and value for the e-commerce store owners with an improved set of features. This tool leads the users to an entirely new world that gives idea pertaining to insights, statistics, and conversion optimization opportunities that are a great grab for e-commerce sellers.

The current users of this tool have recorded a positive experience. However, some of its features are new, and a little complicated for those who are the first-time users. It sports an enhanced e-commerce plug-in for analytics.js which facilitates measurement of user interactions with the products featured on the respective e-commerce websites. It also gives an insight regarding a user’s shopping experience including product clicks, product impressions, product details view, product added to a shopping cart, initiation of the checkout process, successful transactions, refunds, etc. All in all, Enhanced Ecommerce Analysis stands great in terms of digital marketing control and assessing consumer behavior in detail at every stage of shopping.


E-commerce engagement connects a business with a user in the following ways:

  1. Evaluating internal promotion campaign
  2. Selecting an internal promotion campaign
  3. Taking a view of products in a product list
  4. Viewing product detail
  5. Addition and removal of products from the cart
  6. Commencing, completing, and/or discarding the checkout process
  7. Refund analysis

This tool is a review as a strong discovery foundation made by Google Analytics which also facilitates tracking code updates, changes in data model changes, and assessing new end-user reports which help in addressing cases that are specific to e-commerce.


An intelligent Enhanced Ecommerce Analysis helps any e-commerce business in the following manner:

  1. To gain deeper insights about their business functioning
  2. To study the cycle of shoppers in the entire shopping funnel till the stage where they drop off
  3. To scale out the popular products / product purchased, or thrice that abandoned in cart
  4. To create high-quality user segments to entice online buyers to amend their shopping behavior
  5. To design product lists in line with onsite merchandising rules after assessing which products can attract maximum customer engagement
  6. To re-evaluate the ways in which internal promotions impact sales, and devise actions to get immediate results

This tool has additional features of refund support, which lets Google Analytics to assess the entire shopping lifecycle.

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