Diwali Celebrations – A Traditional Office Event

Diwali is regarded as the blockbuster festival that is celebrated nationally with great vigor and enthusiasm. It is an occasion that displays the true meaning and importance of colors. It calls for family gatherings, exchange of gifts that fill the air with positivity and prepare everyone to welcome the next year with optimism.

Even at workplaces, Diwali calls for that extra edge of celebration and festivity. Here in this article, we will take a look at some of the most creative and striking Diwali celebration ideas. Apart from sharing Diwali gifts with employees, these celebration ideas create a family-like celebration environment in offices.

As a primary custom, Diwali decorations are done using garland, fancy lights, and other decorative material to infuse the idea that the festival is just around the corner. Diwali calls for specific cubicle decoration which is another traditional competition held across many offices and workplaces. Decorating the workstations using Diyas (lamp) and Lights again requires teamwork and increases bonding between members, especially those who are new to the company.

Some of the competitions which are hosted by the HR team, AMICI, and are quite well-liked by employees are:

  • Selfie Competition: As the name indicates, this competition calls for group photos, selfies that can truly represent the festive theme and is fun to look at. Best picture is entitled to receive a prize in the form of money or any other gift.
  • Best Dresses Male and Female: It goes without saying that along with celebrations comes a dress code. This competition motivates the employees to bring out best of themselves on the platform and get acknowledged for their styling, dressing, and overall persona that fits the festival theme.
  • Rangoli Competition: This competition is a real catch for art lovers who have their hands on in making Rangoli. Designed using best color themes, these designs are judged to select the best one and an award is given to the entire team for a great display of work.
  • Dance Competition: Celebrations must be expressed and dance is the best form of expressing happiness. Hosting a dance competition is an inevitable part of enjoyment and entertainment. Appointing a team practice time within the office for employees to let them deliver a coordinated performance is a perfect spice added to Diwali celebrations.