Mother’s Day: A Day to Celebrate MOTHER’s Pure and Unconditional Love

Often I find her elated when I am happy;

Often I find her in a perturbed state, seeing me worried and disappointed;

Often I find her insomniac, seeing me unwell;
Often I find her victorious, seeing me win;

She is none other than, My Mother!

Motherhood – All love begins and ends here!

She carries you nine months in her belly, three years in her arms and forever in her heart. She undergoes immeasurable amount of pain, just to see you smile.

Ever Seen Anyone Else do that for you!?!?

If someone fights with me she stands beside me like a pillar of strength. She is a warrior by every means. She is my constant source of energy.

Whenever I feel broken, it’s difficult for her to see me like that, but she makes sure that I bounce back and come out with flying colours.

My mother makes things appear so easy for me. When in doubt she always encourages me, to bring the best out of me. She is the one always cheering me up whenever I feel low.

A five minutes conversation with her is so therapeutic, a cure for all the problems, a medicine no doctor has.

A mother sees herself in her children, fulfills and lives all her dreams with them. Ever thought of saying her Thank you! For what all she has done and does for you without expecting anything!

Thank you for Everything!

Right from the day you were born she helped you learn how to surpass the crawling state and start walking, eat, and kept you clean and tidy. During your childhood, she taught you your lessons, helped you complete your homework and whatnot. Once you reached your teenage she helped you understand all the difficult times of mood swings and hormonal imbalance.

It seems like she has an examination too when you have one. As if your grades correspond to hers.

Funny isn’t it?!?!

But that is how our mothers are, their love is selfless, no matter how much you ignore them or be rude to them. They just don’t care if their self-respect or ego has been crushed by their children. Instead, they are persistent in always seeing how their child has been doing. For them, it is of utmost importance to see their children smile.
What a beauty created by God! She is our real-time angel, one who could anything to fulfill your wishes. She is the one who happily sacrifices her needs just to satisfy yours.

We often crib about how tough our jobs are, how frequently our boss shouts at us, how often we need to overtime and finish off those endless tasks,

Ever thought of a mother, she works 365 days without a pause, always on the go, without any furrows. What I always see is a calm and serene face.

A face that could help vanish all the tensions, the first face I would like to see every morning and end my day with.

No matter how old I grow, I always want my mother next to me, my head in her lap and all my troubles would go away with that poof bubble.


Make your mother feel special, treat her like a queen. Why just restrict this to one day, celebrate your mom’s love every day!

To all the beautiful mothers out there, we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

We wish you always be in the pink of health and spread your love and fill this world with the purest source of love!

happy mother day