Top Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in 2020

Digital marketing is known to be a quick turning into the foundation of high-profit generation in each organization. Indeed, even customary physical organizations are seeing the advantages of keeping steady over digital marketing. Digital marketing is turning out to be standard in India. Until 2010, numerous organizations didn’t pay much attention to digital marketing strategies. They were not prepared to change and were left with conventional marketing rehearses. A career in digital marketing is gaining popularity among youngsters nowadays.

What is Digital Marketing?

Prior to going into the approaches to advance your profession in digital marketing, we should initially comprehend the idea – what is digital marketing? Much the same as customary marketing, in digital marketing, an organization has an item or service that they wish to sell, and thus, they attempt to connect with clients, present the item, and attempt to bring a deal to a close.

Reasons Why Digital Marketing Careers are Popular?

  • It has been observed that the digital marketing profession is going on an upturn in work, there are approx 1.5 lakh employment opportunities.
  • A digital advertiser can gain from 15000 INR for each month to 250000 INR for every month.
  • Already individuals didn’t have the information on mingling and working digitally yet now the pattern has changed, the world is turning out to be digitalized and it is anticipated that before the finish of 2020, the world will go digital and bringing about bountiful openings for work.
  • The innovation is improving throughout each and every day.
  • From shopping to counseling, figuring out how to preparing everything is digitalized, and that is the motivation behind why the vast majority of the organizations are promoting through different digital channels.

Here are the Top Positions in the Field of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing Manager

In case that you have just had over 5 years of involvement with the field of digital marketing, at that point you can go after the job of a digital marketing manager. Organizations these days in a real sense chase for digital marketing managers as they need an individual who can lead the group and the cycles from the front.

Content Marketing Manager

Content is considered to be the king, no denial. A content marketing manager is an individual, who chooses what should be composed and what all themes should the group will compose on. The content manager is ceaselessly occupied with the cycle of altering, editing, and distributing the content on various platforms.

Social Media Executive

In the event that you are keen via online media and love imagination, this is the correct position for you. Nowadays, every business tries to stand apart via web-based media and they need individuals who can work all their web-based media accounts.

Search Engine Marketer

Website optimization is no uncertainty a wide term. In order to keep the SEO game solid, an organization must select SEO specialists at different stages. The SEO advertisers will acquire the ideal traffic and the number of clicks on the company’s website.

Advertising Expert

Facebook promotions, Google advertisements are something that each business relies on to get the leads. What’s more, for that, you have to have a specialist. In the event that you have an involvement with running promotions for Facebook and Google, you can go after this position profile. It is quite rewarding too.


There is a broad collection of opportunities if you are fitted and active for a digital marketing career in India. The prospects are as perpetual as your ability to investigate them. Digital marketing is a developing industry where a little effort or we can say push can go far, yet it’s never past the point where it is possible to improve your capabilities.