Adding a Feather in its Cap AMICI Celebrates Booming 5 Years

The 5th annual day celebration at AMICI Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. brought out the excitement and essence of glory for the whole team. It was a wonderful day to mark the initiation of a new chapter and coming opportunities. November 8, 2013, was the year of AMICI’s commemoration. From then till now we have never failed to satisfy the client’s expectation. We have never looked back and worked as a group of friends which ultimately scored us the brownie points in terms of achieving the desired goals. The past 5 years were a bunch of true learning and progressing experiences.

Amici Annual Day Celebration

November 8, 2018, was a big day for all the members of team AMICI as the company turned 5 this year. So the celebration started in the morning with a small get-together in the office. The decorated office added up the zeal and enthusiasm to the special day. The whole AMICI team proceeded towards Pacific mall to enjoy the movie ‘Thugs of Hindostan.’ The movie was quite slow but the team members manage to put some fun slices amid the movie as well by giggling at the predictable vintage scenes. The movie ended and all of us were quite clear about the not so happening movie we thought it would be. After finishing up with the movie we headed towards Punjab Grill. The classy restaurant has a very eye-pleasing layout and ambiance which was more than perfect for our corporate lunch. The whole team presented a beautiful painting to the director of AMICI and the cake cutting ceremony took place.

amici cake cutting

We seated and enjoyed our meal there. Each one of us enjoyed the mouthwatering food. The restaurant offered a wide variety of starters. Virgin Mojito was everyone’s favorite drink that day. The whole team enjoyed each other’s company with the heavenly delicious lunch. Lots of group pictures, selfies were taken to cherish that day. The day turned out to be a whole lot of fun and bonding among the team members. From morning till evening each and every moment was worth celebrating and cherishing. AMICI’s 5th annual day was a huge delight for each and every one. Team AMICI cheered and gathered to honor the fantastic five years that brought out the caliber and skills of each member.

amici annual day celebration

We wish more such successful and wonderful years to AMICI. The enthusiasm and excitement could be seen within the team. On the completion of our super hit 5 years, we promise to serve our clients with ultimate creativity and honesty.