Are you looking for a Web Development Company in India?

Do you want to stay ahead of your competition? Are you seeking professional web development services for your website? Then you have reached the right place. Every field and industry is moving toward the world of the internet. No business can grow without a proper website. At AMICI, we have a dedicated team of professionals working towards delivering the best web development services to our clients. We thrive to provide excellent web design services to businesses. Our web developers design highly engaging websites which will help you drive more customers to your business. In this modern digital world get ready to take on the market with an SEO-friendly website. We also optimize your website with our digital marketing expertise.

Our Web Development Services

Web scripting or computer scripts are a list of commands that are ingrained in a web page. They are interpreted and performed by a particular search engine. The programming languages used in web page embedding are called scripting languages. The most commonly used scripting languages are JavaScript, ASP, PHP, JHP, etc.
Website Restructuring
To stay updated with the latest technologies, firms usually redesign and overhaul their website on a timely basis. It includes the code, content, and visual restructuring of the website to make it more appealing to the customers.
Web Programming Bug Fixes
Identifying and removing software errors using programming is called bug fixing. If not cleared immediately, a bug can create issues on the website. We provide Web Programming Consultation, in which our experts equip bug-fixing services.
E-commerce Web Development Services
Developing a customer-centric website for an e-commerce platform so that it can run smoothly functioning payments, call to action buttons, and appears user-friendly. In our custom web development services, you can find one-stop solutions.
Custom Web Development Services
Every business has its unique requirements. Therefore we provide custom web development services for our clients. For customization, web developers, designers, and content writers collaborate to deliver a one-of-a-kind web design.
Website Designing Service
Professional web designers help you in customizing your website according to your requirements. We provide custom web development services that suit your brand and field of expertise. With our expertise, you can have a website that is user-friendly and works seamlessly.
Landing Page Development
A landing page is one, where a user lands after clicking on a particular link. A web developer needs to design this page so that it can compel the visitor to CTA (call-to-action). It should be effective and have a clear-cut goal that leads to conversion of the visitor.
Web Application Development Services
Creating applications programs that are well-designed, and user-friendly. At AMICI, our experts create UI and UX designs that are of top-notch quality. With our web development services, you can get assured leads on your website.
Java Web Development Services
Java is a perfect computer language, which helps in developing a dynamic website. With JSP support, web applications can be developed which can interact with the interface. In web development Projects java helps in developing a smooth website.
Other Web Programming
There are various types of web development services that we offer. For instance, Front-end web development, Back-end web development, full-stack, etc. For all kinds of web development services needs, we assist our clients.

Our Technology

It defines various parts of a webpage. For instance, headers, images, paragraphs, and more. Basically, it helps in structuring the website and its content. A web development project requires HTML to make a fully functional website. It can be utilized for email services, database among others.
CSS or cascading style sheet is a technical language used for designing the layout of webpages. Whether you want to modify the font, color, or spacing of your content, CSS aids to perform all these functions. In professional web development services, CSS is a preferably used language.
To design an interactive website, javascript is a great tool. It is a popular website with a 97% usage rate. It is a core language equivalent to HTML and CSS. Java helps in developing websites with animation, multimedia, etc. For web application development services, javascript is considered the best option.
It is a scripting language that is embedded in HTML. It is used widely as it is an efficient alternative to ASP. This language is used on many OS platforms like Linux, windows, etc. PHP is simple, fast, and adaptable, making it a preferred choice among developers for the graphic user interface.

Our Web Development Team

UI designers
User Interface designers mainly focus on the look and aesthetics of a website. UX and UI designers both are an integral part of designing a website. UI designers work on color patterns, typography, interactivity, and animation aspect of a website. Our designers work round the clock to provide the best web development services to our clients.
Front-end developers
Front-end or in other words, the portion which you actually see on a website comes under the functions of a front-end developer. They are required to have a high skill set which comes in handy for the overall functioning of a website. For custom web development services, we hire experienced developers who help with UI, buttons, and user experience features.
Back-end developers
Back-end developers work to maintain the web mechanisms which help in processing the data and performing various actions on the website. With their expertise, you can store data, make your website secure, and do some other server-based functions as well. As a web development company, we try to provide expert assistance for your website.
UX designers
We hire expert UX designers who help you build a usable, interactive, and accessible website. Experts have a knack for identifying problems and designing a website according to the client’s business needs. They research, analyze, and test results rather than depending on opinions. With our professional web development services, always stay one step ahead.
Web Architect
Web architects plan, design, test, and implement distinct technologies and applications. They have the responsibility of web designing, maintaining the content, and other updates to assure that it works well with the company goals. For web application development services, we hire web architects who have experience in web application development services and deliver the best.
Web Content Development
A web content developer needs to research, edit, write, and gather the relevant data to be published on a website. They have skills related to graphic design, multimedia, and professional writing. SEO plays a vital role in web content development. Technical writers know technical jargon related to various software languages and perform content development tasks.

Our Work Process For Web Development

While providing custom web development services, our experts ensure that your website doesn’t have any bugs or errors. Professional web development services are provided by experts -
  • They use proven and reviewed codes.
  • Logging tools are used which helps in concurrency issues.
  • Automated tests are there to create a bug-free environment.
  • Always test your website in the beta format before releasing it.
  • Error reporting is there so that a user can report any glitches faced by them.
  • Instead of using the trial and error method, we use debuggers that can identify the bugs in no time.
To make a fully functional website that works with different browsers, and layouts, and works with both mobile and computers. A well-designed website will help you generate traffic and increases the chances of new leads for the business. We excelled in web application development services with a long list of satisfied clients.
  • User-friendly Designs - One of the significant parts of the website is to design it in a user-friendly manner. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three strong pillars of web development. They work for the layout, looks, and interactivity of the website.
  • Easily navigable - Any website should be simple and flexible for a user to operate. It should be switched easily. It should be easier for the user to find the header, footer, drop-down, and menu on the website.
  • SEO Friendly - From the perspective of digital marketing, a website should be optimized with keywords, which makes it SEO friendly. It is an important aspect of any web development Project in a business.
  • Lead Generation - The main goal of a website is to generate leads from traffic. Any visitor that clicks on a website should go back with full awareness regarding your products and services. So that they can be converted into potential buyers.
AMICI has a track record of equipping our clients with custom web development services that cater to their requirements. We are a trusted web development company working for the past 10 years in this field. Our team of experts delivers the best web application development services to our clients. With our expertise take your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

A web development service includes everything related to a website. Whether developing a simple text-based web page, or a whole intricate web application it comes under the responsibility of a web developer.

Look for the reviews and testimonials of the company. Then you should check the web development Project they have previously worked on. At AMICI, we offer Affordable website development services in India, with a long list of satisfied clients we are a preferred choice for web-based projects.

You should be clear about your long-term and short-term goals. You should have clarity about your requirements and know about your niche first.

Yes, creating an interactive and responsive website comes at the top of our list. Whenever our experts take up a web development Project in their hands. They ensure that built webpages are user-friendly and highly interactive so that the website can gather more traffic and have a good conversion rate.

If you are looking for professional web development services, then we provide excellent services and develop an SEO-friendly website. We optimize the content with keyword placement.

To develop a web application, you need professional web development services with which a website helps the customers to know details about the business and what products and services they are offering. It helps to set you apart from your competitors. As websites aid clients to understand the vision of the business.