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Whenever we go for any services, this question comes to our mind. Why choose this service? Will it be beneficial for me? Or Is it reasonable? Our service provides answers to these questions. We have all the answers to your questions. We have been in Website Design & Development Services for the past decade. With our experience, we have designed websites that have formed their niche. We keep in mind that web pages should be engaging and interactive so that users can get the tailormade solutions. We have a team of the best eCommerce website designer in Dwarka, who deliver the desired results within the stipulated time. If you dream of going viral, reach out to us for engaging content.

Web Designing Services & Solutions

Increase your value among existing clients and build new relationships by taking services from the best web development company in Delhi and NCR. Web application development, ERP, and mobile application development. Our in-house experts provide end-to-end webpage development assistance. Firstly, we do the analysis. Secondly, we design and develop. Third, experts do the implementation, and fourth there is optimization. We retain these essential points in mind. Integrating the existing campaigns with your social media campaign helps to boost your growth. With our professional website development service, you can develop your website from scratch. Our team takes care of visual appeal and creativity. Custom application development, portal development, solutions, ERP, CRM, and mobile/web app development is our forte.

With our vast range of services and reasonable prices, there is no other reason to reach any other service provider. Our organization delivers a wide range of services. You can find solutions to different kinds of problems under one umbrella. We offer a one-stop solution for various needs, from PSD to Html development services. Enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management are the services required by our clients in building their businesses. ERP empowers interactions by making the information available to the employees. At the same time, CRM helps in analyzing market trends.

Our Website Designing Services

WordPress creates flexible websites using PHP language. We help our clients make attractive and effective websites by using WordPress themes. WordPress is the correct choice to grow your business and update your website regularly.

E-commerce is a growing industry. Therefore, many people are joining the bandwagon and testing the waters. To help the newbies, Shopify is the website that comes to their rescue. With a nominal charge, our experts make things easier by designing your website and optimizing it accordingly.

An E-commerce website requires integrated functions such as data collection, payment gateways, funds transfer, and other commercial activities. The website should have an attractive layout with customer-friendly operations. We assist PSD with Html development services for our clients.

If you want to promote your business, there is nothing better than a well-designed website. And to help you build a good website, we provide the best assistance. We have professionals on our team who first understand the crux of your business and then design the website focusing on your company goals.

Do you want to build a website that caters to your needs and is tailor-made accordingly? Then you have reached the right place. Our team takes things into their hands and makes them perfect.

For cost-effective services, woo commerce is a better solution. It is a plugin that works on the word press to build an online platform for selling products. Our website development services offer assistance in creating a portal using woo commerce.

Several businesses require integrated data to analyze their information usefully and meaningfully. A company has logs filled with data on its existing and potential customers. But that data is dispersed into different divisions to be completely reformed. With our services, clients don’t need to think about this task.

In other words, it is called web page optimization. To rank your website through SEO, optimize the web pages. The faster your website loads, the quicker your customers hold. Your website can go viral with engaging content.

Using this approach, we make dynamic website changes. Experts specially design it to fit all screen sizes. Visit our mobile, desktop, or tablet website for the best web development services.

If you feel your website design is long overdue, we are here to help you. Our experts will overhaul your website and make significant changes in it with changes in the UI/UX of the website.

Our Experts in Web Designing

Do you want to modify your existing website, or do you want to make a new one? Then our experts are here to help. At AMICI, we simplify all your problems. We are not field-bound. Our team works on your requirements and gives desired results. We are the best eCommerce website designer in Dwarka, working in this sector for more than nine years. Once you share your needs with us, you can simply sit back and relax. We work in the best interest of our clients, and that’s why our professionals keep things in their hands. Firstly, they work on the vision. Secondly, they make a framework under which they will design things. Thirdly, they focus on designing and developing the website. Our content helps in converting users into followers and friends. Stop your search here, as our web designing experts will help you grow your business. Their unique development and management skills ensure high quality on the website.

Which Languages do we use in Website Designing?

It is a must for web developers. It is a language that adds all the action to your website. For front-end development, javascript is a requirement. With its help, developers design the buttons, forms, etc. Not only that, but for animation and styling, it is an excellent tool of use.
PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a must in website development. It helps the developer to make interactive web pages. PHP is a simple tool that is flexible as well. It is considered a foundation in the field of web development.
Front end of web development uses HyperText Markup Language. It lays down the structure of the website. It helps structure the content, whether in points or paragraphs.
It designs the visuals of the page. Moreover, it helps with basics such as changing colors, deciding fonts, and the page's responsiveness. It also helps to develop some advanced effects for the website. Fast response time helps to enhance customer satisfaction. Consequently, beneficial for the business.
Structured query language is a database system used for storing and retrieving the data for a web page or website. It allows for extracting information from the database quickly. Our web development agency uses SQL to make an optimized webpage.
It is a software favored by developers as it provides some basic templates and helps to save time. It saves time for coders as they don’t need to write long CSS and HTML programs.
JQuery is used to save the time of the coders. As it already has some javascript codes preserved in its library. Through JQuery, it is easy to make changes to a webpage. Such as adding any effect or animation.
It is an open source used to create different tools and apps in JavaScript. It works well for servers. It helps open the website and make the information available to the clients.
This has a syntax extension that makes it easy to write the components. It is a framework to construct and deploy apps by using Javascript. Through our professional website development service, customers can find the proper assistance.
How We do it?

Our Process

04 Steps

1. Collecting Information
A developer must gather all the relevant information to develop a framework. The goals should be predefined. It should include info on the product or service on offer, demand in the market, and what competitors are offering.
2. Implementation
It summarizes the three steps design, programming, and content creation. It involves wireframing, where we conduct the research and make decisions. Then comes the significant step of programming, using technical aspects, and lastly is content creation, as a website is nothing without content.
3. Testing and Launch
We conduct tests after the developer finishes the coding. Usually, servers scan a newly developed website. We send our clients a hyperlink to check and review it with the company’s promoters. After the client’s acceptance, we launch the website. For that, a developer chooses the hosting platform.
4. Maintenance
Our duty doesn’t end here at the website launch. In our job description, website Maintenance is an integral part. To run a website without any hiccups, one needs to run tests and check it regularly for bugs and other issues.

Why Choose Us

Here, we have a long list of clients who have taken our services and are satisfied with them. Now, the question arises why they chose us. In simple words, there are numerous web development agencies available. But if you are looking for reliable help, we have the best track record.
Our experienced web developers offer services like portal development, eCommerce solutions, mobile/web application development, payment gateway integration, etc. Consequently, it helps the customers as they don’t need to go anywhere for different services. They can find PSD to HTML development services under one umbrella.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In simple language, it means constructing and sustaining a website. It includes all the work involved in making a great website. What we see on a website is the outline. But it requires back-end, front-end, and full-stack development to make it work.

Likewise, There are three programming languages in web development, CSS, HTML, and Javascript. With a combination of these three, web developers design seamless and fast websites.

E-commerce website design, UI/UX design, PSTD to HTML conversion, graphic design, etc. These are some of the services offered by our team of web developers. Apart from that, MEAN stack, MERN Stack, Ruby, PHP, and MySQL are the standard full-stack web development services offered.

Of course, website development is a service. It can be seen but can’t be touched or felt. That’s why website development is considered a service.

A web development website not only develops a website but also is responsible for backup services. Maintaining the software, securing the website, and delivering technical support are some of the assistance they offer.

Various web development services are offered, such as eCommerce solutions, customized applications, database management, etc. From a simple page to an intricate web application. Web development services include all those services that require web solutions.