Let’s Celebrate World Teacher’s Day on 5th October

In an endeavor to honor and activate support for teachers and teaching organizations across the world, UNESCO has officially identified 5th October as World Teacher’s Day. This day remembers the efforts of teachers who continually contribute to global requirements of building an environment for an enabled and educated future generation. Also, the day symbolizes a momentous token of understanding, appreciation, and awareness to display the significant role of teachers in the field of development and education.

Even before UNESCO recognized this day as World Teacher’s Day in 1994, nations around the globe have been celebrating the contributions of an eminent educationalist whose remarkable inputs developed the platform of education in their nation. In India, Teacher’s Day is nationally commemorated since 1965 on 5th September that happens to be the birth date of renowned educationalist Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

EI (Education International), a worldwide federation that stands for educators globally, is devoted to spreading awareness highlighting the contributions of teachers through events or campaigns and strongly recommends that Teachers’ Day be internationally celebrated and recognized. Today over a hundred countries celebrate Teacher’s Day.

Though we recognize that teachers are imperative for implementing educational goals and creating learned societies based on ethics, values, and knowledge, we cannot ignore the fact that there are challenges in terms of poor training, low status, and staff shortages. UNESCO has recently acknowledged that there is a need to ensure that tutors must be empowered, effectively recruited, professionally qualifies, well-trained supported, and motivated within adequately effective government systems. Celebrating World Teachers’ Day on 5th October emphasizes the truth that empowering educators is a vital step towards building sustainable and quality education societies.

Another important fact that surfaces are the grave requirement for investment in tutor edification. There is a need to improve the availability of skilled teachers through the international collaboration for training teachers in developing countries.

Globally, the celebration of Teachers’ Day involves students presenting flowers and gifts to their favorite teachers. Pupils flood their teacher’s desk with chocolates, cards, flowers, and handwritten messages. Children organize day-long celebrations that include cultural activities like dance, skits, songs, etc. This day is a welcome break for teachers from their pedagogic routine as they too rejoice the efforts of young students.

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