A Brief Discussion About Cohorts and Their Behavior

Blogging is a key SEO activity. It can reach out to as well as influence masses on a large scale. It is perhaps the most personalized way of addressing as well as attracting the audiences to visit your website and trust your business. As a key rule to blog management and creation, it is important to keep a regular track of its progress and see if it is getting active views and responses from interested set of audience.

In short, as a blogger, you have to ensure that the blog never dies. The probability of a blog going least popular or inactive is if you miss posting regular updates on the same. It looks sad and unvisited, leading to a lack of viewers’ interest and contributing to an overall negative impression.

Active blogging should be pursued religiously, wherein bloggers should have trust in its results and benefits. Some of these are:

  • Better Organic Search Visibility: Active blogging helps a website to get indexed often, which therefore attracts more views and traffic on a day to day basis.
  • Spikes up the Conversion Rate: This is one of its most undeniable benefits which implies on the users that the blog as well as business associated with the same in active and running. Further, it helps in establishing authority and carving a distinct niche in the domain. Users tend to develop brand loyalty, give a chance to the business to further increase its conversion rate.
  • Improves Organic Search Rankings: Once the visibility and traffic gets on the expected track, improving the ranking on search engines automatically follows. Active blogging provides discussion content to a number of social media streams such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pin Interest etc. It generates the social signals as soon as a reader shares articles on these platforms thereby floating the content on search lists.
  • Facilitates Ranking of More Relevant Keywords to your Niche: Every blog post brings with it an alluring opportunity to answer user’s queries about your business. There may be readers who are looking for similar services and want to have an interactive platform.
  • Generates a Number of Inbound Links from Reputed Publishers: There are many renowned publishers who remain in the search of relevant articles to cite, which therefore helps in upscaling the search engine rankings, spreading awareness about your brand, and driving countless inbound leads.
  • Shoots up the Click-Through Rate: This is another impressive outcome of active blogging. It helps in improving the click through rate on a search engine results page when set in combination with Google Authorship markup, therefore fetching better website traffic.

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