Time Saving Tips to Improve your Social Media Strategy

Every business requires a social media strategy, never take it for granted. Online presence is important for your long-term success as a business. Saving time on social media is a big goal and we want to make it as simple as possible to engage with your followers. The simpler you can make things, the more time you have leftover.

Here are some tips that are time-saving and help you to develop and improve your social media strategy.

“Save your time while growing your following on social media”

1. Tie Closely to your Strategy –  There are hundreds of ways to use social media and every strategy cannot fit your business goals. So, it is advisable to look at your marketing plans and pick out the best ways that social media can fit into that plan.

Social Media Strategy-Amici
Look at the Marketing Plans and Choose The Best Way for Social Media

2. Limit Platforms –  Target two or three platforms rather than tinker with many. Nowadays social media is becoming more and more complex as every social platform has thousands of features and the learning curve is getting steeper. So it is better to spend time only on those platforms where your customers spend most of the time. This can help you to spend the time efficiently and leave a bigger impact on the platforms.

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To Enhance the Quality, Focus on Limited Social Platforms

3. Measure Only that Counts – Social sites keep adding amounts of social analytics, but you are wasting hours showing your follower growth. Think yourself, will that metric really matter to your business?

The reason is, you can have millions of followers, but it doesn’t make any change if no one buys. Pick a few metrics that impact your business-like, which types of posts get the most clicks.

Strategy For Social Media- Amici
Only Focus On Metrics That Impact Your Business.

4. Experiment and Revise – It is the human mentality to go with the crowd. They continue with activities that don’t work out, just because they heard that a technique worked for someone else.

“Every business is different”

Try new approaches and different styles of posts. Include videos, pictures, and links in them. You can also test the use of hashtags in tweets.

To have a controlled test and to analyze what works for you, change one thing at a time.

“Double down on what works and drop anything that doesn’t”

5. Mark it on a Calendar – Organize your activities by maintaining and following a social media calendar because putting plans on paper will help you to execute them quickly as everything is laid out and you don’t have to think.

Here is a sample calendar for an organization:

  • Monday – Self-promotional post about services
  • Tuesday – Reminder about events
  • Wednesday – Article that is of interest to target audience
  • Thursday – Thursday theme
  • Friday – Funny graphics
  • Saturday – Evergreen blogs
  • Sunday – Details about the industry or discussion question
Social Media Strategy- Amici
Organize your Activities by Maintaining and Following Social Media Calendar

6. Batch it – Scientists say, “it can take up to 30 minutes to return your attention to whatever you were doing before an interruption”. Jumping in and out of social media sites eats up your time. In order to avoid this, organize your work in batches, it will minimize interruptions.

Social Media- Amici
Organize Work in Batches to Avoid Interruptions

7. Schedule Updates in Advance – One of the best features of automation is that you can schedule updates in advance, this will help you to retain your attention. You just need to plug your updates into a scheduling app. The two most popular scheduling apps are SocialOomph.com and Hootsuite.

8. Be Persistent and Consistent – Post regularly on social media. It is said that the more people hear from you, the more you stay top of mind. Long silences in between updates may harm you. Maintain balance, because the more you post the less engagement you get on each update.

“Your efforts will backfire if you overdo it”

Social Media- Amici
Be Consistent on Posting on Social Media.

9. Regular Maintenance – Social media sites keep changing their features, buttons, and APIs. Add a quarterly reminder to test all plugins, social features, and buttons on your site. So schedule maintenance time and stay up to date in new features and changes.

Social Media- Amici
Stay Up to Date in New Features and Changes

10.Auto-Update Blogs to Social Media – Share your blog content by automatically posting a link on your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts. It doesn’t mean that you have to automate everything, technology and automation simplified our work, but you cannot completely rely upon it. You need someone in your business to engage personally.

Social Media Strategy- Amici
Share Blog Content by Automatically Posting on Social Media

It’s time to move from traditional marketing methods to the social media marketing strategy.

Save your time, money and improve your social media strategy.