10 Best Ways to Connect with your Customers in 2017

Customers and clients are astonishingly important in any business. In order to grow a business, you have to connect with the customers and clients, maintain relationships with them, and learn from them. Here are some ways that will help you to connect with your customers and tips that will make the most of your business relationships. So, it is time to take some steps to revitalize your marketing plan and make 2017 your best year ever by connecting with your customers.

1. Get your Current Customers Feedback – Customer feedback is very valuable. One of the best ways to improve any business is asking for the feedback from customers and work upon your weak points. You can organize customer satisfaction surveys to capture feedback and analyze the outcomes. It will result in two things : you get confirmation that you are doing things right or you will get an idea of your areas of improvement to attract new customers.

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Analyze the Customer Feedback and Work on your Weak Points

2. Make your Website User Friendly – Customer service must be a priority because, if your customers feel difficult to get in touch or they have to put so much effort to access the website then they may go elsewhere. Review your customer service set up to find out that your team stays friendly, easy to deal with and approachable across all channels.

Having A User Friendly Website Is Important To Create A Positive User Experience, Image Source: rsiconcepts.com
Having a User-Friendly Website is Important to Create a Positive User Experience, Image Source: rsiconcepts.com

3. Press Release – A press release to a newspaper or magazine can help you get some fresh coverage. There are certain organizations that can help you to get publicity, for example: HARO (Help A Reporter Out). Responding to a request can take your business in the spotlight.

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Press Release can help your Business Gain Value

4. Reward Referrals – Implementing a reward program for existing clients who share your business with others, not only boost your sales but it also gives you an opportunity to engage with your existing clients.

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Referrals Lets your Client Engage with you in Exchange of Rewards, Image Source: theenergy.coop

5. Know your Buyer Preferences – Changes in trends and technology may have caused a shift in your customer preferences. So, updating this data on a regular basis can help you to stay up to date and target your efforts. Market research will help you to ensure that your approach is resonating and you are connected with your desired market.

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Stay up to Date and Target your Efforts

6. Use CRM to Maintain Client Relationships – Having lots of clients may result in poor relationship, because maintaining relationships with each of them can be time consuming. CRM offers personalized communications to each client.

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CRM is Customer Relationship Management Software for Managing your Sales & Marketing

7. Evolve with Facebook – Facebook made it really easier to connect with customers, even for smaller businesses. Having the presence on Facebook is the basic necessity for businesses.

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It’s Very Easy Through Facebook to Connect with Customers, Even for Smaller Businesses.

8. Public Speaking can Grow your Business – Though we know that nowadays maintaining relationships online make it a lot easier for small businesses, but still there are some traditional trends that cannot be replaced. And one of such trend is public speaking, there is no substitute for speaking to people in person. Use public speaking to grow your business.

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Public Speaking are Taking a Boom for Business

9. Harness the Power of Social Media Trends – As already discussed, social media and online marketing make it a lot easier to connect with customers and grow your business. But to follow it properly, post timely content, engage with your audience and always reply to the comments.

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For Staying in Social Media Trends Stay Engaged with Audience by Posting on Time, Replying Instantly.

10. Upsell Offer – Add checkout offer for your online clients. You can add it by adding a popup just before checkout. If you sell a subscription based package, then marketing to your existing customers is an easy way to boost revenues.

Ways To Connect With Customers- Amici
Up selling Offer Means to Combine with Another Offer to Boost Sale .

For any business, it is important to track the changing needs of customers. A single unhappy customer can do real damage to the business reputation.