Is Social Media Ruining or Helping Students?

Social media is a rage that has taken everyone by storm. Almost everyone is hooked to the social medium from school-going kids to office goers and even homemakers. Having a profile on Facebook has become an essential part of everyone’s life and most importantly for students. A social media profile is like having a virtual identity that each one has to have in this time of digitization and technological advancement.

The only question that comes to mind is that – Is social media ruining or helping students? This is one hotly debated question in today’s time. While schools are warming up to the use of this popular medium and making use of it for constructive usage, parents detest it as most of the time their children are busy on these sites for hours.

Here is the list of basic concerns that school and parents have with regards use of social media:

Wastage of Time and Energy Time waste

Parents and teachers assert that children end up spending time chatting and updating status on social media. This same time can be used to complete school work, engage in sports activity or invested to learn new things. Instead all the time is wasted on these sites that yield no positive development.

Leading to Flawed Mental and Emotional Development

Spending so much time impressing the virtual community children tend to go overboard and sometimes end up making grave mistakes. Students end up cutting on sleep and relaxation time instead give it all to keep a track of the social media status and what others are posting.

Create a Sense of Jealousy and Envy toddler-hoodie-rex

Students from affluent backgrounds will post pictures of trips and vacations abroad to getting expensive gifts on birthday. While those on a lower income group might not be able to do so and this might create a sense of unwanted jealously leading children to take wrong paths to look good on social media platform.

While there are concerns over the use of the Social Media but there are some benefits that both teachers and parents cannot overlook. For school teachers if they want to communicate a message to entire class  they can just post the message on Facebook and the entire batch of students get to know of it. Similarly parents will get access to their children profile and get to know the kinds of friends they are hanging around with.

This medium of communication can prove to be highly effective if we use it in a proper manner.