Shift in the Trend of Social Media to Look at in the Coming Year

Social media is one of the most flickering segments. It changes rapidly and is never stagnant. Though the trends keep on changing, but the significance of social media can’t ever fade.

Confused? Remember Orkut, MySpace, Yahoo, etc., The one-time huge social networking portals today have no dominance over the trending platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., Trends keep changing every now and then, and the rapid growth in the number of users keeps the trends deviating and modifying. As the reach and growth is increasing, so is the race for creativity and innovation. Thus, Social Media and its trends will only get bigger day by day!

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Just Like a Tree Social Networking is Growing Too.

Social Media Trends to Look Out in 2017

Newness is always more arresting, which means people imbibe new technologies and bring in new features. Innovation is taking social media strategies to a level that is incomparable to any other.

  1. Chatbots and Changing Conversations

Chatbots infuse human brilliance in the artificial intelligence era, the innovation has led the machines in actualizing human brilliance till a great extent that has made work of humans easier.

Chatbots are popularizing around the globe and people get their day-to-day work done by them. It is also used in offices as a concept of innovation to get the work done accordingly. Digital assistants namely Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant has got people talking to their phones.

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Chatbots are the Latest Entrants that Lets you Talk to the Phone; source:


  1. Real-Time Engagement

Real-time engagement is becoming more and more grinding day by day, which means you can get as witty as you want to, just to engage the audience into whatever you are trying to sell. Be it Facebook or Twitter if a reader comments or sends a message, you need to be really quick with your replies.

As you know social media platforms or the internet has become a global village therefore it becomes very difficult to keep on rewarding people who have queries due to different time zones.

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Real-Time Engagement Makes you Feel that you are Connected; Source:


  1. Rising Star ‘Snapchat’

According to the emarketers, “Snapchat’spopularity will soon increase and will reach altogether a new level.” It is growing rapidly and soon its active users will be more than 150 million. There is information related to the real world and people can exchange messages. Also, now the new update allows us to video chat and talk with the help of the internet. We also get visual updates from around the globe.

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Snapchat – The Rising Star in our Generation is Growing Rapidly.


  1. Live Video Streaming

This is one of the most awe-inspiring ways of being interactive with the people and trying to engage them, also you are conversing with them at the same time which makes it very attractive.  YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have changed the game by gripping the trend of live video. Celebrities and entertainers are making the best out of this feature by reaching the masses through it.

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Live Video Streaming Reaching New Horizons for Engaging the Audience.