10 Best Ways to Boost Social Media Traffic without Ads

In this world of competition, it is very important for a marketer to ensure his reach is beyond his target audience’s expectations. Today, Social Media has completely taken over the web and has also increased the chances for your audience to deviate from one brand to another. To maintain and bring new traffic to your website/social media page is not less than a task. Advertising and promotions are the basic ways that many of us tend to follow to grab eyeballs, but here are some more enhancing ways that can give a boost to your Social Media Traffic:

  1. Go for Referral Traffic

In the era of social media, social networking sites play a very important role to increase the traffic of a website. All the visitors who are directed to your website through social networking sites and blogs are considered as referral traffic.

Referral Traffic - Amici
The Visitors that are Directed to your Website through Social Networking Sites and Blogs – Referral Traffic.
  1. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

Optimization of content for search engine plays a paramount role in increasing the traffic to your website. On-page SEO increases online visibility and strengthens the domain. Pay heed to On-page SEO and you can connect directly with more audience

On Page SEO- Amici.
On-Page SEO Lets you Connect with More Audience.
  1. Emphasize on Google Analytics

Examining Google Analytics Data is crucial to keep track of the performance of your posts. One should plan content strategies and pay attention to the posts. It keeps you updated about where your audience is coming from.

Google Analytics- Amici
Google Analytics is Important to Keep Track of your Work.
  1. Stimulate Internal Linking

Why depend on others, when you can do it!

Yes, rather than requesting other sites to link back to you, create internal linking on your own. Internal linking affects the reach of your website so always try to create inbound links.

Internal Linking For SEO- Amici
Create More Internal Linking to Affect the Reach of Website, Source: fedobe.com
  1. Encourage Guest Blogging

It is also one of the most efficient ways to enhance traffic to a website. Find out the sites that support your niche and accept those posts.

Guest Blogging- Amici
Do more Guest Blogging to Increase Traffic to Your Website.
  1. Post Relevant Information on Aggregator Sites

Posting relevant information on a site helps you maintain relevancy and user will be able to find all the momentous information at one place.

Relevant Information- Amici
Relevant Information helps you Maintain Relevancy.
  1. Get More Social

There are various platforms that can be used for promoting content, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, be active, post regularly, and always respond to the comments and queries of the visitors.

               “Proactive approach is the best”

Be More Social Active- Amici
You Have to be More Active on Social Networking by Replying to the Comments & Queries of the Visitors.
  1. Contact Influencers

Influencers play a vital role in promoting a website or content. Building relations and social media help you to get more views. Once you get the right influencer then it will become easier to boost your posts.

Influencers- Amici
Influencers Play an Important Role in Promoting A Website.
  1. Never Ignore your Competitors

Always keep an eye on your competitors, they are your biggest source of learning. It will help you to stay updated about what is trending.

Competitor Analysis- Amici.
Know your Competitors Thoroughly.
  1. Be Active in Blog Commenting

Responsiveness is the most important thing to engage your audience. Always comment on the blogs and reply to the users.

Active Blogger- Amici
Responsiveness is very Crucial to Engage Audience.

                “SOCIAL CITY NEVER SLEEPS”

You just need to put some effort and follow the above tips to see a stream of traffic on your website without even spending a single penny on ads.