Some Great Ideas to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Kids

New Year celebrations are quite exciting for everyone. From the elderly to younger ones, everyone has his own way of welcoming the New Year. If you have kids around who seek surprises and have an indulgence to excitement, here are some ideas that can thrill them. Arranging for a kid’s party can be the foremost step in which organizing innovative games and activities can add spice. To execute the below-listed plans, you should plan way before the event to enjoy a memorable kid-friendly NYE.

Pick up the best suited from the below mentioned seven awesome ideas to ring a smiling New Year:

  1. Set a Dress Code: When the party is set, kids can be assigned certain roles or characters who are their personal favorites. Many shops sell outfits of kid’s favorite cartoons or idols or the same can be rented to make it a themed gathering. Also, make sure to pull out a vintage dress from your wardrobe. Make your night special by adding dress-up fun and capturing the fancy moments as excellent pictures.
  2. Be Over the Top: Don’t hesitate, since this is the day to be so! Take your dress-up to a new level by choosing white / silver gloves, bow ties, pearls, and tiaras that can be shopped from any local party store. Kids would love to be dressed up for their prom way before time. For pretty girls, nail paints can be an alluring invite. Brace up the looks with hats, glitter and unmatched fancy!
  3. Drinks: Kids would love to have colorful drinks at their Mock Tail bars. Arrange for their favorite flavors like orange, mango, strawberry and serve these in the fanciest (unbreakable) glassware.
  4. Dance: No celebration can be complete without a dance dingle! For this, see what kids love the most and create a playlist. Choose some numbers that are equally enjoyed by the grown-ups and kids to make everyone participate in shaking a leg. Also arrange for competitions like paper dance, and different dance styles to declare winners. Dance contest must be backed with candy prizing. Don’t forget to take pictures!
  5. Build a Fort – How about building a blanket fort with your kids? This can be a great idea that will help your kid learn something new and surprising this New Year. Designing newer things together can develop harmony and collaboration between the kid participants.
  6. Lightning: Kids love lightning; use bright and beautiful candles while you are staying up late! This will add awesomeness to the illumination. Sticking the glowsticks inside the balloons to make them glow is an easy and cool idea.
  7. Photo Booth – Setting up a photo booth and inviting kids to come up and get clicked in their wonderful outfits can be very charming. Also, setting up a board where kids can paint, draw, write out their new year resolutions can be a new thing to do.