National Productivity Day Celebration – 2022

Every year in India, we celebrate National Productivity Day on 12 February. It is a week-long celebration starting from February 12 to February 18. The national productivity council keeps a theme for this celebration every year. On this day, we honor the glory of the cultural productivity of India. On this auspicious occasion, National Productivity Council organizes various seminars, workshops, and motivational quality events to create engagement and hustle in the industrial sectors of India. The main motive behind the commemoration of this day is to inspire stakeholders in enforcing productivity mechanisms and methods with modern relevant themes.

The main objective of celebrating Productivity Day

National Productivity council aspires to create an upright position of the Indian Economy in the global market and encourage quality consciousness among the Indian stakeholders. National productivity day emerged as an occasion to put the contemporary visions and considerations in front of the Government to raise financial resources for productivity expansion.

In the National Productivity Week, NPC organizes several training programs and campaigns related to productivity. National Productivity Council puts forward the perception of bringing new technologies in the industrial sector.

Themes of National Productivity Week

Every year, National Productivity Day carries a theme that shows the emergence of new production techniques. The NPC conducts all the events highlighting the theme of the day. National Productivity Council will declare this year’s theme soon.

Some of the themes of National productivity day were:

Circular Economy for Productivity and Sustainability – 2019

Industry 4.0 Leapfrog Opportunity for India – 2018

National Productivity Council (NPC)

National Productivity Council is an independent association under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of  India. The Union Minister of the Industry is the head of NPC. NPC conducts various surveys and recommendations to look into the productivity rate of the Indian economy. It is an autonomous society that makes decisions and plans strategies to enhance productivity in all sectors of India. National Productivity is the sole guardian to make all the necessary databases, research, and events related to the industrial sector.

Different Purposes of the National Productivity Council

The main objectives of the National Productivity Council are:

  • To strengthen the productive market.
  • To develop new strategies and enhance the techniques.
  • To organize meetings and put forward new ideas.
  • To work as a think-tanker of the Government.
  • To consult the stakeholders and create measures for the long run.
  • To expand financial resources for the enhancement of industrial productivity.
  • To intensify the techniques of economic development.
  • To provide personal training by arranging seminars and workshops.
  • To do productive research and find the relevant database.
  • To arrange productivity award-giving events.
  • To give consultancy related to human resources, IT, technology management, etc.
  • To contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

The National Productivity Council is a non-profit organization established in 1958. It also provides various training programs in different industrial management fields. It promotes the industrial potency of the country. It aims at the maximum utilization of resources and contemporary technology to assure the country’s financial growth in industrial development.

Methods of NPC to make an enterprise attain the utmost productivity moment

  1. It creates awareness regarding the meaning and importance of productivity.
  2. The council observes the level of the industry and provides them with the relevant technologies, methods, and tools for the level of productivity.
  3. NPC securely introduces the schemes and agreements to be followed by the enterprises. It looks into the incentives management and labor trade unions of the industry.
  4. It allocates the financial support and tool from the government to the enterprise. The council frequently checks upon the growth of the enterprise at a national level.


National Productivity Day is celebrated in India by the National Productivity Council every year on 12 February. The celebration includes various event workshops followed by several meetings. The event takes place to boost understanding of the new technical skills that emerged recently. All seminars and events highlight the theme of Productivity Day. NPC regulates the whole celebrations and puts forward the new policies essential for the growth of the industrial area.